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Sorry live say - I'm just starting meds myself and have no idea... Just hang in there and if no bfp then onto a next chance
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Thanks. It was a BFN. I'm starting round two at the beginning of the year. Do I don't get AF around Christmas with family in town. That way a can have a couple weeks where I don't have to worry about when AF is here and when I o.
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Hello- just stopping by. Those babies sure are lovely- and best of luck wishes to everyone else. I hope everyone had nice holidays.
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Hi sherry! Great to see you! Merry Christmas! How is life with you? We are starting fertility treatment - but going ok... So much easier after learning so much here xx
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Chuord!! How are you? What are you starting love?
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Hi everyoneI thought I'd share my beautiful boy with everyone, 9 more weeks to go. :-)
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This is a better image
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Shell congrats! He's looking perfect! Wow only nine weeks to go... Time does go fast.

Adie - sorry I didn't post the details here cos Chrissy joins in at the saner thread too and I forget this is still going as its so quiet lol.
Ok I've had the hsg or dye test all clear, this month I'm on cd13 (so about to start bd season) and took letrozole days 3-7 - my monitoring would have fallen over the closed period (now) so I'm just using opk's, the letrozole is to try and induce multiple eggs so that one of them will be healthy etc - as far as the fs (fertility specialist) is concerned my age is the factor more than discovering the cause, so he wants us to go straight to ivf next month, the letrozole is just the filler while they are closed. We are taking extra supplements to help make my eggs and his swimmers more youthful lol. Dh is sick but I'm trying to get him to understand and commit to this month intensely - after I've taken chemicals I feel I owe it to my body to really try lol, and if we succeed then we save $3500! Lol
Have you started yours adie? If not how soon? I'm generally having gluten free dairy free, apart from some lapses over Christmas wink1.gif
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Wow chourd! Big steps- congrats and good luck!
Shell I want a belly pic!!!!
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Chuord check out the IF thread on the Infertility forum. The ladies there are super knowledgeable! Best of luck!



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Congrats chourd!! My cousin is 40 and had a successful ivf the first time... Sherry, I'm huge!! People ask me all the time if I'm having twins...it's so upsetting lol.... I'll post a belly pic though ;-)
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Thanks ladies for you encouragement and happy stories - sila I'll definitely check it out.
Shell lol they thought twins with my mum each time too - some girls just have nowhere to go but out smile.gif I'm sure you're looking gorgeous - if you can be bothered I'd love to see too... I bet you are both getting really excited at this stage.
Sila - how are you? What's exciting there?
Sherry - I hope you had a fab Christmas with those two gorgeous kids.
Adie - where are you at, I've been thinking about you heaps.
Tootfairy - how are you doing?
While the thread has jump started, who else is out there? Indie? Bebe? SKJ? Omg lol I've forgotten the names! Letrozole has definitely affected my brain lol
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Chuord- I am so glad you are getting started with all of this.  It can definitely be overwhelming but I am glad you have a doc who seems to get where you are! I have started mine!  I am actually on CD 10 right now.  I had 10 follicles developing on my right side and 5 on my left when I went in yesterday.  I took clomid cd3-7 and now I am on Bravelle and Antagon (injectables yikes)!  I tried to give it to myself today and I just couldn't do it!! I go in again on Monday and then we will see when I will have my retrieval!  I'm excited!!


Shell-Love that pic!!!  It makes me so happy!!  Hope the next 9 weeks go well!


 Everyone else- Hi!  Miss you!!

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Adie - yay for a bag full of developing follies! I'm so happy for you, especially since they will be placing them and little risk of ectopic.
The doc seems like a nice guy, we are giving it a good try this month, with a good weeks coverage - lol when I've typically had one chance over only 5 months (over 13months) I can't really say we have been giving it our best shot... Like you I'm hoping the letrozole has given me a few eggs and we'll get lucky with twins lol.
Part of me thinks that it wouldn't be a bad thing if we went to ivf as there could be frozen embryos for later... Although that's no guarantee.
TF - huge hugs, I read where you are at on the fertility thread - lots of hugs xxx
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see if you can spot me. Lol
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This is the only way I can see my feet!!
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She'll you look so cute! So tiny and yet very pregnant... Your face says it all - I'm glad you've been enjoying the experience smile.gif
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Thank you chourd, it's been a great pregnancy..other than losing the twin at,6 weeks... I'm now in the final trimester and having Braxton Hicks like crazy and super crabby.... I'll be watching to see how everyone is doing.. And the ivf progress
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Happy new year everyone and best wishes that 2014 makes dreams come true.

Wow shell! Great belly and so low- can you walk??? Enjoy every minute.
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Thes same to you and everyone else sherry - here's to a happy healthy year of beneficial excess wink1.gif lol where baby making is a pleasure!
How's life with you?
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