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How's it going today @chuord?
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Good I think adie, having a second beta today, and a progesterone oestroidal test... Then I'll take progesterone pessaries until I get the results - just in case... Part of me's not that confident yet but hoping for better scores (first beta was 27 at 14dpo)
How are you going? Close to checking yet? I've been hanging waiting for news lol
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I'm just waiting! I'm 8dp3(ish)dt...I'm so worried AF is trying to bust through. Can that happen on progesterone shots? Some moments I feel pg other moments I don't...I hate the not knowing!! Crystal ball where are you?!? Chuord...how was your beta?
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Hang in there adie... You should be able to test soon and find out - I have no idea re progesterone shots, I've heard in general that while they help support a pregnancy they won't prevent an inevitable loss or AF... But shots may be stronger?
My progesterone was 36 unmedicated, seems ok until I see people posting progesterone in the 133 and above lol... Oestroidal was 727 - no idea what that even does... Hcg went down from 27 to 17, so likely nothing will stick although I'm waiting and hoping - irrationally of course wink1.gif
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Oh Chuord! Keep believing! I'm sorry it went down that is so hard. Hugs from your friend across the world!
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Thanks adie ūüėĄ I'm thinking of you too - it's soo much hard work!
I found this website of misdiagnosed miscarriage success stories - it fills you with hope that sometimes despite the science the baby finds a way...
Btw if it's any help - this month I felt 'less' pg than others... So maybe you're the same - and still pg!
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I couldn't resist!! I POAS today!

I am currently 9dp3dt and have had one heck of a crazy IVF cycle!! This little emby has been a fighter from the start!! Keep snuggling in little one!!! I'm so happy right now I can't sleep!! Love you ladies!
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Congratulations adie!!!!!!
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Hey chourd- hang in there.

Congrats Adie

Hi Chrissy
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Hi Sherry. How are you?
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Adie that is soo exciting!!! Congrats!!! You're right that eggie is determined.
Thanks sherry - I'm trying...
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Originally Posted by Shell77 View Post

Thank's Chrissy :-) WOW look at all those grad babies ... makes me smile and gives me hope and comfort too. 
 I know I have been MIA since my IVF failed, I  apoplogize for not being around to be supportive for you all... I am so sorry!!! I took it really hard and just wanted to forget about babies and trying to make babies and i didn't want to see or hear about babies or pregnancy... pretty selfish huh? I am sorry !!  But in me "trying" to forget I just couldn't ... I want a baby, I want my DH to experience fatherhood, I want to be pregnant and feel that life inside of me!! we did just try it naturally for a while and I stopped temping and charting, I even lost track of my cycle lol... We went on a fabulous romantic vacation to playa del carmen, Mexico for a week.....Ok let me back up a little.. about 2 weeks before we went on vacation, I  called the Fertility clinic to check in and say Hi  ( I know i am silly) but 1 week later I  had Lisa call me back (the doctors wife), She told me that her and Dr had been talking and she knew that we had discussed some options and that we were not closed off to embryo donation and that she has the perfect couple that have 2 embryos to donate. ( the dr and his wife absolutley love me and DH and tell us all the time that we are there favorite couple, and that they are not going to stop until we have a baby) (of course we still have to pay) Anyway, DH and i were on our lunch break so I put Lisa on speaker phone and we both listened to her description of the couple and the back ground history ect.. , So I told her that we are going on vacation and that I would give her a decision when we return... A little more background is My eggs are just NO GOOD and not that many ... and DH has low motility ( meaning they swim the wrong way and are slow) I am 40 and DH is 39 ... we are not getting any younger!! So the decision was made that we would DO IT!! I already feel a bond to my 2 embryos my little frozen 5 day blastocyst... I dream of them all the time :-)

I already finished with my bcp and I am on estrogen now... the fet is scheduled for june 21st asof right now... but we will see how my lining is doing. I can't wait to feel my babies grow in me and let my DH experience a pregnancy and birth of our children... maybe not biologically ours but they are already ours in our hearts... from the moment we decided to do this ... we just knew, it feels right!! I am crying as I type this and I  am blessed that these wonderful people are giving us the chance at life as we have always wanted  <3

I haven't shared with anyone because I  do not want ANY negative feed back ... this is our choice and our only chance at a baby
 ( I feel) ... I have quit my job and I am doing yoga, meditation, eating healthy taking my estrogen 2mg (working my way up to 6mg) baby asprin, Prenatal vitamins, and L-Arginine (that is supposed to support healthy uterus) and drinking a cup of red tea leaf tea every other morning ...eating LOTS of pineapple and kale... healthy foods. I am laying out by the pool so i can get a tan before the transfer lol because after that I am supposed to stay out of the heat :-)

This is our last chance... Sorry for the AAM ... i just wanted to catch everyone up
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Don't give up on your dreams you will carry your baby love him or her and grow together its your baby dh and i are looking to adopt embryos again we had four failed so far but I refuse to give up
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@Shell77 looking forward to your update - how many weeks now? wink1.gif
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On the bfp's, how exciting!!!!! I'm 34 weeks now, we scheduled his birthday for march 3,, scheduled c section..... Unless he wants to come before then!! The doctor is saying he weighs about 6 pounds now...maybe more eek so I'm having a big boy :-) I'm trying to follow and I'll try to post more. Love to you all and praying for sticky babies
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34 weeks - wow that seems to have gone do quickly! Given the size of baby boy I'm glad you're having a c section lol - he probably wouldn't have fitted the other way anyway!

Mine wasn't a sticky, but I'm good and onto day 4 of a letrozole iui cycle, this month I'll have monitoring and confirmation of how my body reacts to the stims - so I'm happy.
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Shell - not much longer to go. Woot!! Can't wait to meet your little man
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Today I finished my lst cycle of Clomid. I guess the POAS of OPKs shall commence! Here's hoping we are successful this cycle!

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Go Mo! Let me know if your temps normalize now you've stopped (mine took 2 days post letrozole - same as clomid)
Opk away lady!
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@chuord will do!
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