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JP: congrats on the teaching job!! I am so bored since I quit working lol I could use a little drama (not my own drama, but someone elses) hahaha


TF: I just know this is going to end up wonderful for you!! I have a gut instinct. I was so happy when I read that you saw the sack and yolk ( gotta admit i teared up) JUST YAY!!!


Sila: I think I am going to be scared to go off of progesterone too!! I will for sure do it till I am at least 12 weeks along.


SKJ: what is the levonox (sp) for ? is that a blood thinner? How did they determine you needed that?  I am sure you probably went over all this. :-) I can't wait ti her my babaies :-)


Indie: yay for no spotting!! when will you test? when is your IVF scheduled for? It is such a hard process... I have enjoyed the fet process a lot better... Probably because of the lack of all those drugs!! But I know I had to go through that to get to where I am today.


everyone else hola.gif


AFM: I am in SUPER great spirits!! I have never felt so confident and sure of anything as I am with my decision. I have been nesting (so to speak) lol cleaning like a mad woman, organizing everything... that way after the transfer it will just be mild maintenance for DH. I also got another call from my RE's wife ( she is the finance manager for his office) and she has saved me 2000.00 !! I was am so greatful and happy that everything seems to be falling perfectly in place love.gif  I have a appointment tomorrow to get my labs and lining checked... I might start my progesterone Saturday if all looks great.

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Hi everyone.

Mamas keep cooking. Sila I can't wait to find out if it is a boy!! We were so sure my dds was a girl, but after 5 that's all I can imagine. I think Tf has a girl....

Chrissy I hope your mom and your life are getting back to normal!

Indie. Please fast forward!!! I can't wait!

Shell how exciting! It is very hard to get used to being at home. Some days I feel like I'm going crazy!It wAs always so great to get a day off.... but now.....going for groceries is exciting.

Chourd what's going on with you. Body? Mind? Job?

Gtree....I can't imagine you have time to lurk but if your out there how about a picture update!!

AFM. Same same. Just letting the month pass then officially stepping out of the ring on my birthday in July. Dh says we will go out to pasture and enjoy what is. I just finished the storyteller and I am exhausted. It is a good book...but long and mind wrenching. I feel dazed. What is everyone else reading?

Post post!!
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Sure, I'll post. Because I really don't feel like cleaning my house...


Indie - Has AF arrived? Excited for you and really hoping things turn out better this time around!


SKJ - That's how I felt about my butt. There was only like a 3x3 area on each butt cheek where I was supposed to do them. At least I could alternate every day. Is the lovenox injected into your belly?


Shell - So great to have you in such great spirits! I can imagine how grateful you are to have saved some $$$! When is it estimated they will thaw and transfer again?


Sherry - I can't wait either!!! If it's a girl I'll need your guys help with names. I'm re reading The Foutainhead. One of my favorites.


What is everyone else doing?

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Quick post before a nap.

Sila- Hard to consider this could be a girl, right? Do you already have boy names picked out?

Sherry- I will take a heartbeat and a healthy gestational sac! The sex of what is inside is just an added bonus! I really feel like this time its a boy but if everything goes well we have no plan to find out til next February!

Shelly- Makes me happy to see you so excited too. Looking forward to hearing how everything goes. The FET process is easy peasy.

jpack- Hmmm the drama intrigues me too....

indie- I wonder if the testosterone evened out your hormones so now you aren't getting spotting. The suspense of starting this cycle is killing me!

SKJ- Yay for little monkeys heartbeat. I'm sure that never gets old.

AFM- I wish there was more hcg related symptoms instead of just progesterone related sore boobs, hunger & sleepiness. I feel like a ticking time bomb.
After googling, I'm done googling by the way, it's too scary- hcg is related to the growth of the gestational sac. That was my problem last time, the gestational sac didn't grow past 6 weeks. So I freaked about that internally for a while. Now my mantra is 'my hcg is rising, my gestational sac is growing'. There's so much to worry about, it's exhausting but then I have insomnia from 3-5am (I have to be up at 530 for work) I'm just tired sll the time. Last night I actually slept all night, it was a miracle. Then when I woke up I thought OMG my baby stopped growing so now I can sleep. It's probably not true but all I can do is worry then try to be hopeful again. The cyst is still bothering me. Other than that I feel suspiciously great. Wish some nausea & vomiting on me, okay. Also if anyone wants to send some hcg producing, gestational sac growing vibes or prayers up for me I'd appreciate all we can get! For the SCH to heal too, that'd be great. 6 weeks yesterday.
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TF - I did some googling too. I found quite a few success stories of women with similar hcg levels going on to have healthy babes. Let me know if you want the links or not. I don't want to post anything that will stress you out in any way. Also, everything I read says that once the pregnancy is viewed on ultrasound, hcg levels dont' mean much. So, I think that your great u/s earlier this week is a great reason to keep hope alive. I hate that you are in limbo. It really is the most emotion thing ever. I'm sending you lots of growing gestational sac vibes. Are there any foods that can help?
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TF - I tried. I wished sick for you and just thinking about it still makes me feel sick... ;) 6wks is exciting! Your chances go up even making it that far! You guys in are  my prayers for sure. Sleep is good! You aren't extremely tired yet? Yes, we've had a boy's name picked out for probably 2 yrs. I've just "known" that if we have another son that this name is supposed to be his name (also partly why I'm wondering if it's a boy). There are a lot of girl names I like, but nothing that seems to be "the one". What about you guys, have you discussed names?


AFM - We have a family get together tomorrow for Father's Day. Family knows, but still I hate being the center of attention. Ever. I think I might be ready to stop hiding my bump in public too...

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Hi everyone!!


Sherry: I am reading V.C. Andrews books... lol I read them when I was younger, but just love them!! My house is so clean and organized it's crazy hahaha yes grocery shopping is exciting!!


Sila: I can't wait to show my baby bump... I will be showing it off as soon as I get one hahaha, I don't mind being the center of attention lol I have 4 names picked out 2 girl and 2 boys... just incase i get twins of each variety... My first 2 names are boy: Samuel Reece girl: Suzette Alice 2nd picks are: boy: Seth Aaron girl: Saylor Reece = all "S" names lol


TF: yay for 6 weeks!!! only 6more to go, then your out of that first trimester scare. I hat e that you are in limbo too.... I am scared to do beta testing haha, so how many days past transfer did you test? ... Praying for you LOT'S


AFM:I went to the RE today, paid off my balance and I am ready and set for transfer next friday the 21st!!! My lining is at a 9.4 as of today :-) She said that is perfect. So i start my progesterone injections tomorrow eeeek I HATE NEEDLES IN MY BOTTOM!! i would rather do them in my tummy haha. I just do not have much of a butt. Have any of you been on estrace? and how long did you take it? I am on 2mg 3 times a day  and 1 baby asprin, pre natal vitamin and now 1.5ml progesterone. On the end note, i had a dream I had a positive pregnancy test and i was pregnant with TWINS :-) .... I am just so excited this is finally going to happen!!

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Shell - I don't have much of a butt either lol! Working on that! I've been doing Barre classes twice a week. You are doing PIO right? Mine was in sesame oil, but apparently some people are allergic to this and if you have a reaction it's available in other oils. Anyways, here are some tips I learned from Googling that the nurse didn't teach me. It's oil, so it will not spread into your muscle as easily as another substance. Heat the oil first. Stick it in your clevage (if you have it) or lay it on a heating pad for a few minutes before injecting it. This makes it thinner and easier to inject and helps it spread into the muscle easier. Then massage the injection site after for a few minutes to help it spread even more. After that if you have time put a heating pad on your butt for 10min to help it spread even more. If you don't do these things and the oil is cold and doesn't get spread into the muscle it will just lump up creating super super painful lumps in your butt (the injections might make you sore anyways, but this is 100x worse). Then you have to keep injecting into those lumps! I totally learned my lesson and just wanted to pass the info along so you can avoid it! I've never been on estrace sorry. I really like Suzette, Saylor and Seth! 

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SKJ- I've probably come across many of the same websites you're seeing but I'm happy to look at what you've got, especially if it may give me a moment without crushing fear. My promise to stop googling led me on a 2 hour google frenzy and delayed my nap. I just can't keep my little fingers from typing away at the google screen. Most of what I find is not promising but there are a few out there that give me a little hope. I couldn't find any foods to help (hadn't googled that one til your suggestion!). It just seems like the gestational sac is what produces the hcg so hopefully it kicks into gear soon. I know after 1200 it slows down (great, like I need it to slow down). There's nothing I can do but hope and pray. I did read something about the blood levels not mattering once you've been seen via ultrasound so I'll try to keep remembering that!


Sila- We've had names picked out for a while as well. They have changed a little since we started TTC but for now we are pretty set on either Analiese or Elizabeth (Ellie), and Andrew or Derek. I'm definitely tired. I think after sleeping all last night and still feeling tired this afternoon is reassuring. The rest I was blaming on the insomnia. Thanks for sending me some sick vibes, hopefully they left you quickly! I woke up feeling icky but who doesn't at 4 in the afternoon after  2 hour nap? 


Shell- Your names are so cute. It is so hard to pick what will be your childs name forever! Are you feeling more relieved now that everthing is paid off? You just have to take your meds and have a little transfer, no big deal, right!

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Tf- Back in a few with those links
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Ok... sorry if I've posted any of this before. I first went back through the last thread and found out about how things were with me. Here's what I found:

At 5 weeks 2 or 3 days, they saw the gestational sac, yolk sac, and the teeny beginning of the fetal pole.

Three days later...

U/S showed growth in the gestational sac, but still not a measurable fetal pole (around 2mm) and no heartbeat. I'm 5weeks 5-6 days today. The u/s tech was acting cautious, but my nurse said not to worry at all.

We saw the heart beat at 6w3d. I don't think they ever measured anything but the fetal pole. I don't remember getting a measurement of the sac.

On to the links...

Some excerpts:
Once an intrauterine pregnancy is visible on ultrasound, do not put any faith in HCG measurements. Frequently pregnancies and their HCG levels don’t fit the mold, and the numbers don’t increase the way they “ought” to. Rely on time, and predictable ultrasound changes to determine pregnancy viability.

Some normal pregnancies will have quite low levels of HCG, and result in perfect babies.

On another site, (don't remember the link): My levels at 5 weeks 3 days were 760hcg and were repeated at 5 weeks 5 days and were 1363hcg and said this was all normal infact he said the hcg levels had risen higher than he expected. I was then scanned at 6 weeks and a heartbeat was found to conculde normal pregnancy. They say if you hcg is under 1100 that they can't see enough on a ultrasound to ensure a normal pregnancy. Don't worry hun xx


Hope this helps!
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One more thing. On that last link, Dr. Sher actually answers every comment posted. The last one was from this morning. Perhaps you can get his thoughts on your situation?
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Sherry - thanks for getting us all motivated to post 😄. I have this tiny feeling that if you 'stop' trying you might just be a Lucille miracle follow on... No idea why but its just an inkling 😜 - I hope it's so!

Shell - everytime you post I can hear your huge happy smile through it all 😄😄😃 it's so totally awesome - I love positive dreams like that that make you know it can happen. Lol I'd lend you and sila some of my butt if I could 😜I inherited my dads 'sprinters' one - plenty to share! So what are you doing for yourself this week - to celebrate if nothing else... Massage?
SKJ - you really seem to be starting to be more relaxed than stressed - it's so awesome to see... Little monkey is here to stay!

Sila - sickies still? You're into the second trimester too right? Lol that's my worst nightmare - ms for nine months... (But I'm a pansy) I'm always so impressed by you ladies desperate to have a natural birth... I'm all about the drugs, I slammed my finger in a kitchen drawer yesterday and the pain was almost unbearable - I have really strong nails and there's not even a bruise 😵
Re the names shared, that was a lovely addition, I really truly like them all! I can't wait to 'meet' the recipients and find out which names they really own..
Indie - huge hugs to you lady, I worry that you're battling the emotional roller coaster by yourself, hope it's treating you ok xxx

TF - as much as I know this baby is a keeper, I know that after your last experience the fear and freak outs are really natural... Sending you hugs and patience as you progress. I'm assuming that at your next ultrasound when you see the sack growing that will help a lot? Also with all the google stuff remember people are more likely to document failures and complaints... If anyone provides a bad service all those affected would complain, how many that got good service would write in to applaud? I think it's just that with Internet reviews, people want to get their hurt across to stop others feeling it, but if your pg goes smoothly you assume it's the norm and carry on... I know a bit off on a tangent, lol my point is I'm sure some of the info you're finding is stacked to the negative. That baby of yours has great energy, and loads of love to give... Ps lol what if you're a lucky one that doesn't get ms? I'd be so jealous!

Daurelia - I know you're relaxing, hope it's treating you just right... And still thinking happy vibes for you 😄

Lucille - how's it going gorgeous? What updates do you have for us?

Hugs to everyone else

Sorry if I've missed anyone, in bed on phone trying not to wake dh - yet 😇😝😍
Ok jobs, came second for the first one (was so happy about that), the second one is delayed results till next week, another one emailed me to say interviews etc delayed till August - so it's working well for me. Dh has some locum work in Darwin (hot all year round) so we head there at the end of June for 11 days - hence the happy about not working, I'm really enjoying our lives right now... I'm 2-3 days from o - still a half strength opk... Working on the romance 😍
Books ok for mythical good v bad my go to is David eddings the belgariad etc, for relaxing historical romance (great for night time) georgette heyer, to help stop and smell the roses 'the Undomestic goddess' , and re tv I'm thoroughly enjoying researching 'Lois and Clark; the adventures of superman' with terry hatcher... He's a hunk lol...
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SKJ- Thanks for the links! I did post my question, I've never thought about doing that before. I'm nearly certain the answer will be 'wait and see' but sometimes it just helps to put it out there! I was actually considering a consult with him if this doesn't work out. I'm not sure how out of state practitioners work since I have IVF coverage... hopefully I won't ever have to find out. I'm just not willing to try ivf again before exploring immune issues. If this pregnancy miscarries after having the same gestational sac problems as last time I will need reassurance that my eggs/embryos are OK and not what is causing my pregnanies to fail.  


chuord- sounds like you are on a good path interview wise. It is tough to find out you were second in line but nice to know you are desirable. Let us hope the second interview works out! Thanks for your vote of confidence on this baby. Time will tell! You didn't chime in any name ideas for a baby for yourself? Any day dreaming with hubby over names? 

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Chuord - Yep, major anti drugs over here. I'm one of those people ;) You are so positive about your situation and it's great to see someone truly happy where they are in living in the now. Best of luck with ovulation! Get busy!


TF - Thinking of you so much. I was just thinking today that the weeks finally seem to be going by faster for me and I really want that to be able for you!


I've been thinking about Bebe and wondering if she's had her baby yet too!!!


If it's a boy, I'll share his name with you guys :)


Re tv: I'm hooked on Parenthood on Netflix. I cry every single episode.

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Thanks ladies - I've never been happy with the current, (ok happy but saying when we get to here life will be good) or not for a long time... So it's quite fun for me 😄
Sila - I wish I could be brave and go no drugs! Yay on the weeks going faster now, less stress is a good thing right 😜
TF - names, no we haven't chatted about it... Ironically the names I liked for girls have been 'taken' by friends... Lily (Lili in Chinese is double beautiful) Lucy, lol so I've stopped thinking about it... So there are some left by the time I actually have a baby 😜
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18 weeks today and nice and plump
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SKJ - SO cute! You look great! Man, you are getting so close to halfway (change your ticker!). I should do a pic today. 16.5 weeks. I did one at 13.5 so it's about time I suppose. I finally bought a new bra yesterday that actually fits (a whole cup size bigger) and I'm so much more comfortable. I just pulled the maternity clothes out of the garage about 20 min ago which amounts to about 6 items since I didn't really need them the first time around. I think I might have to invest in a few more items this time...


It's OK with you guys if we share bump pics?? I figure so since many of you beg for updates...but if it's not please don't hesitate! I can post on our private group if you would rather choose if you see them or not.

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I love to see bump pics on here gives me hope! You are so adorable SKJ!
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I love the bumps! Wow, SKJ, that's a no joke bump! Adorable!
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