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When does the 3rd Trimester Start?

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Some websites say at 27 weeks and some say at 28. I hope it's 27. If it is, I'll start the 3rd tri in 5 min and when I'm feeling WAY too pregnant I'll at least know I'm in the home stretch.
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I go by 27. If you divide out the weeks by 3, it puts you at 26w5d, so I just round up. I'll be there later this week!

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my midwife says 28 weeks but i've certainly read 27...doesn't seem that the shift in trimesters is an exact marker.  i seem to toggle between wanting to be there and not yet ready for it!  (i'm currently 26w 5d)

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Most healthcare pros use the 12 weeks and 28 weeks as the shift from first->second->third trimesters, but Jess707 is right, it's not an exact science.  You can go by whatever you want in conversation, because none of that shifting stuff really matters in the end; it's the weeks that are really critical to most professionals.

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Well, I'm okay with saying I hit the third trimester yesterday (26w6d) since that was exactly 3 months before my due date.

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I'm 28 weeks today! So, no matter how its measured I'm in my 3rd trimester. Yay for the home stretch!
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I'll be 27 weeks Monday, and I'm totally counting that as the 3rd trimester. It makes me feel like I'm clipping right along, as well as fills me with panic over how little time there is to get things ready.
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So this brings up another question - when do you consider yourself 7 months pregnant? Some say at 28 weeks, so say later. Technically pregnancy lasts something like 9 months and a week. I guess I'm IN my 7 month. Even though I have more than 2 months until I'm due (more like 2.5), I really want to be able to say I'm 7 months because I feel like I've been 6 months for years!

I've seen it as:

27-30 weeks - 7 months
31-35 - 8 months
36-Birth - 9 months

Some say you're not 9 months until your due date, though you're IN you 9th month at 36 weeks. Maybe it's just semantics.
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Kali I find the months confusing as well since pregnancy is technically 10 months long! Anyone know for sure when each month starts?
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I was doing the months as countback from the due date 2whistle.gif


So since I'm due around mid September, and we're in mid June - I'm saying 6 months now. Which I've also been choosing to interpret as: <= 3 calendar months to due date == I'm in my third trimester.

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Yeah, I guess I'm (still) 6.5 months - at least until somewhere around the end of this month.  

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52weeks / 12 months = 4.333 weeks per month

In my mind, that means
6 months = 26 weeks
7 months = 30 weeks, 3 days (rounding up)
8 months = 34 weeks, 5 days
9 months = 39 weeks

It's all estimated, anyway!
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