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The Sillies

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What do you do with the sillies?  You know- the too goofy to even look at mom, let alone listen to mom sillies?


DS1 is 6.  Ds2 is 4.  And the two of them together, lately, are trouble.  Make that Trouble.  I've heard the words fart, poop, pee and toot more in the past four days than I've yet heard in my entire life.  They are rarely destructive, but frequently messy, and tend to get silly (and here's the rub) when something needs to happen.  


And lately the sillies have become conspiratorial.  Meaning, what's silly is that they are whispering to each other what naughty thing to do when mom isn't looking.


These things really push my buttons.  Help?

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Waving to you from MT also :)  I'm in Central MT where are you? (PM me if you don't want to say publicly!)


Maybe more outside, physical play? Are they getting enough activity to work out those sillies? 

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Yes, I agree with Momsteader in that some forms of prevention would be a big part of this for me. So, more exercise and opportunities for "big play". 


Also, I, personally would discuss language in terms of where some things are acceptable and where they aren't. When it's OK to joke about poop and stuff, I would leave alone. I think that takes some of the power out of it. Also, it's OK for kids to have their own silly sense of humor. 


I would also try to cultivate this weird "mom has psychic powers" thing. This is a bit devious, I suppose but...hey, they started it. ROTFLMAO.gif  


So, I would pretend that you don't hear them when they're making plans and then very calmly say something like, "I know you were planning on trying to sneak cookies when I went out to the garden. If you would like to do that, you will need to share one cookie. If you like the sneaking part, I will be in the garden in a few minutes. Have fun."  If they didn't follow the request about the one cookie I would say something like, "Sneaking and cookie privileges are for members of the family that are able to follow the rules about snacks." 


Also, I think I would incorporate some ignoring. And some requests to take some of the poop talk to another room. 

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