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2 month old pee strikig

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Hi everyone!


 I am a first time mother from a far away country called Estonia so my English may not be perfect but I´ll try to make myself understandable. We started ECing with our DS at 5 days after birth and we had a lot of success at first. He was practically peeing every time he was cued in the squat position. In his early days he was also pooping a lot, nearly every time he was peeing so poo and peep both came most of time he went. Problems started when he started to poop less when he was around one month old and now he signals "no" even when he is peeing at the same time or signals "no" and then pees right after he is out of the position. The story is different while he needs to poop - then he does not strike and does his business fairly easy and shows no signs of distress. My feeling is that he associates my cueing to pooping not peeing. Could that be possible? Has anyone had that experience? Do you have any good ideas how to overcome this? I have tried different sound cues now for peeing but nothing has worked well so far.

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He might like a different location. He might be more interested in sitting on the potty while you read him stories.  I used to have interesting pictures for my babies to look at around the toilet. 


If you think he only associates the cue sound with pooping, you could try cuing when you notice him pee, even if he pees after he is off the potty.

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I would drop both cueing noises and just start using a single sign (like the shaking "T" for toilet/potty) or a single word (potty) as your cue. He seems to be ready for a next level of communication!
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