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Well my temps have finally stabalized... At least for now. First time in months! Still waiting to O or know what the eff is going on! I am still have weird symptoms and my last period was a joke. One spot, no pads and only a bit more barely noticeable in the shower a couple days later... So I'm contemplating taking another test today (still haven't gotten up wink1.gif ). If nothing then I guess I'll treat it as a period and start the progesterone again in two days. And try and get a dr's appt! I've been bleeding every 16-17 days the last few cycles. I can't even finish a round of progesterone and based on temp the time previous to this looked like ovulation breakthrough bleeding... BUT it was more like a period that this last one where my temps are a bit lower (not completely they are hovering around middle for me)...

Can't do any BDing until at least Sat, so who knows what's up with me! Right now I'm just going to treat it as waiting to O...
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Just went back and looked again and my temps are low based on my better charts smile.gif especially the last month I know I O'd! So fingers crossed that this month I'll have a lovely chart and DH and I are able to actually BD around O!!!!
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fingers crossed for you, delightedbutterfly!


I caved and ran to the dollar store today, even though I have tests coming tomorrow from amazon. I took one, negative. I am 12 dpo, well officially 12dpo late tonight. I have one more test for tomorrow morning, then the amazon test will show up. I am so, so attached to this cycle being The One. It's crazy.


I had one really positive symtom yesterday- at the park we saw ducklings and I was nearly overcome with a desire to steal one and raise it as my own. I always want baby animals in early pregnancy. 


The wait is killing me so I am going to get busy cleaning the house to pass the time. 

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Tabitha - I always want to clean & declutter the house early in pregnancy... Maybe because I know how sick and miserable I'm goin to get lol!

I didn't end up testing after looking at my old charts... BUT I swear the "girls" are way bigger than usual...
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delightedbutterfly, I hope that the trend continues and that this might be your cycle!


tabitha, that is pretty adorable.  I hope that you get a BFP very soon!


As for me...has time slowed down?  How am I still only 5 DPO??  I am feeling a little impatient because I have had a few gut feelings that this will be our cycle, even though I thought I really wanted to get my BFP next cycle.  It would be nice to at least be enough DPO to start questioning every cramp and tired feeling.  Normally, I'm not this obsessive when TTC, but for some reason I am just anxious to meet my next (and last) baby.

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TeaJunkie - I'm day 5.5 DPO (disagreement between my symptoms and what my charting site says, so I'm splitting the difference). Maybe we'll end up in the same DDC again! And I'd prefer next month, too.

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Last night I had the worst cramping. Not that it hurt the worst but because I was so, so miserable and upset that it meant AF was coning (I'm day 27 today, AF due tomorrow). I just laid in bed and watch Torchwood and moped. At one point DH was talking to me and I burst into tears- another sign of my period coming round. What a terrible, bummer night. 


This morning, though, the cramps her gone and a sweep of my cm did not show blood. It's funny 'cause I have had some spotting on day 25-26 in all my past cycles. None this time. My breasts hurt badly, but then they do at this point in my cycle anyway. 


I took a dollar tree test yesterday with a BFN, but I decided to take another one this am with FMU. I deliberated over whether or not to use FMU or wait until after breakfast. Anyway, I think it is positive. No, no, no congrats for me yet because I am not sure. I've been awake about an hour and the weird crampy feeling is back (never had this with my previous 4 pregnancies). The  test shows a line that is so faint I can't capture it in a picture, but I can see it. Even if I walk away for awhile and come back, it's right there, plain as day. SO of course I am excited but I am not calling DH to tel him until I test again and get something more visible. I'm expecting amazon test strips in the mail today. That's when I'll test again. 


Wish me luck!

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Can you take a picture while holding it up to a light? I find puting light behind the test the best way smile.gif

Fingers crossed for you! I have had terrible horrible crampin in every pregnancy after my first. Including the pregnancy that resulted in my second DD smile.gif
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So I texted this to DH. He's so excited! Please send me prayers & good wishes for a healthy pregnancy. I am so worried, more than I have ever been. I really hoped and prayed for this one for so long. 


And I wish you all pos.gifpos.gifpos.gifpos.gifpos.gifpos.gifpos.gif


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Congrats and lots and lots of baby dust!!!!!
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congrats tabitha!


Please move me back to waiting to O.  I was so so sad when AF arrived early Sunday morning.  I had my heart set on a winter babe--it would have worked out really well for our family.  And today at our local pool I saw like 6 pregnant women--I couldn't help but feel that nagging ache in my heart.  Sigh.  But I'm trying to move forward and think happy thoughts about a potential March baby.  Fingers crossed!

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Tabitha~Yay! Congrats. I always want baby animals too when I am pregnant....in fact with one of  my unplanned pregnancies I actually bought a boxer puppy and found out a week later that I was pregnant. Whoops. Now anytime I want a baby animal my husband makes me pee on a stick!


Add me to the 2 week wait. I ovulated today. I usually feel cramping when I ovulate but not this time and my temps were higher than typical. Not holding out hope this cycle...we shall see.


Hopefully this will be everyone's month! Baby dust a plenty.goodvibes.gif

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Congrats, tabitha!  I wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy and birth.


ocelotmom, it would be awesome to be in the same DDC again.  goodvibes.gif


Fingers crossed for you, seattlemamma and runonmama.

So DH was drawing a train with all the members of our family in it for DS2 (a regular occurrence around here).  He drew mommy, daddy, DS1 and DS2.  Then DS2 grabbed the pen out of his hand, drew another one in front of me and said "baby!"  He has never done this before, but the day he did...happened to be the day I ovulated.  If I am pregnant this cycle he wins psychic points!  bigeyes.gif

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Children are amazing at that!

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Thanks for all the happy wishes! I have taken 3 tests now ( just in case) and also told everyone who will listen. I am overjoyed! I hope to see many of you over in the March DDC when they open it.

I want to share (just in case it happens to others) that I had and continue to have pretty intense cramps. I thought it would be AF, but it isn't and I have positive tests. I have never had cramps before, except perhaps with my first when I didn't know I was pregnant for awhile. I can only imagine this has something to do with the big gap between this baby and my lat, maybe my uterus is getting back into gear? So jif you have cramps, it doesn't mean your aren't pregnant.
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Hello ladies,  I am Cressy Howard.  Recently married 6-12-13!  I have a beautiful and wonderful 6 year old son, named, Domonique Marques Hoke!  I am on cycle 6 of TTC.  I O'd around the 15th, my cycles have been wacky for the last few months, finally have settled on a 30 day cycle, after years of a 28 day cycle.  I have has 2 losses since my son in 2006!  Just began trying again in February!  Started taking Maca to try and regulate things a little better, this month!  I would love to be part of your group!  So I am guessing approx. 6 dpo!  Let the countdown begin!

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We're back from vacation, but with no news here.  I got really frustrated with the yeast and did a seven day treatment.  It definitely made things better, but the infection is still not gone.  greensad.gif  I feel like I should probably go to the doctor, because this has never happened to me before.  My kids also have ringworm.  I don't know if it's all related, but my friend said a similar situation happened in her house.  They all took systemic drugs, got better, and never had a problem with yeast again.  Sigh. 


So I'm out for this cycle since we couldn't do anything during the useless treatment.  We'll see what happens next month.  Hopefully I can figure this thing out!!  I want a homebirth and we don't have air conditioning!  I don't want to be giving birth in the summer!!!

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Put me down for TWW thank you!!
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