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Winter, I got a very faint positive at 9 dpo with my second pregnancy (it might have even been a little it before) and it was real! I think it's ok to stay hopeful!

I'm so excited for all you ladies getting bfps! Hopefully I'll get there one of these days!
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Pretty sure I'm out for this cycle.  Got a BFN this morning at 11 DPO, started spotting tonight, and I am fully expecting AF tomorrow right on schedule.  gloomy.gif  Go ahead and move me to Waiting to O.


Super bummed because timing will be so tricky next cycle.  We'll be travelling out of town leading up to my fertile window and DH will be going to a conference 2-4 days before O.  I really want an April baby!  fingersx.gif


Sending BFP thoughts to everyone else!

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Cressyhoke - So sorry to hear about your best friend. Hope you find comfort and good news soon!


Winter - I would still be positive and hopeful if I were you. I have never experienced seeing any sort of line at all.... so I would be just like you right now!


FF is saying that I am 10dpo today. I'm hopeful that this is the cycle... it's our 13th cycle and we just submitted a semen analysis on Monday. I'm hopeful that we get good news from that and that instead of AF showing up this weekend that my temps stay high and we get good news on this front, too! I know that DH will be devastated if there is bad news from his side. Prayers and good thoughts, please! :)

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Thanks ladies for your support, but I have tested just now and got a BFN completely white today, bit bummed out like TeaJunkie, so hard getting your hopes up to be disappointed! Still no sore boobs so again that supports the BFN, however no pre-af type cramps yet which is a good sign. My digital tests should be here today so i'll use one tomorrow at 12DPO. Goodluck to everyone else!  


teajunkie thinking I am with you gloomy.gif


edited to add that I think the tests batch I have are faulty because I just tested with water and got the same pale line appear! Very odd, but if it happened even with water then I'm sure they are all BFN's! 

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Winter2013: what tests are you using? I've heard of the same thing happening with another person too!

Not so patiently waiting here. Trying to relax about but it's not even the testing thing... I just wish I had someone to get as excited about TTC as me in real life! LOL my husband seems to see it as a business deal, he's one of those that it's not real until it's real kinda dads. He's extremely hands on but when it comes to baby making he doesn't understand a thing about it or really care lol. The couple friends that do know we are actually trying, one is nice enough to listen but doesn't really care and another is hopefully going to try soon but he's a newer friend so I don't see her as much.

I have a couple other friends that are long distance and one has been trying for years and only now getting somewhere with dr's, so I'd prefer to offer support in only the ways she needs/wants it and another friend has been kinda trying since last Sept but is only now looking at charting and she too will most likely have to go the specialist because of other health issues. And another good friend is baby crazy with a BF who is dragging his heels on proposing and she's be happy and over the moon for me but again trying to respect the feelings of others...

So I just come hand out in the TTC and pregnancy forums multiple times a day to get my excited fix

Really hoping for some good news for everyone who wants it!!!!
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Been busy with the end of the school year, but now time to focus!


delightedbutterfly,  That all sounds so familiar!  I get my baby hopes fix from motherhood, too!


Big congrats to all who got their BFP's this month!!!  My DD was born in March.  I'm hoping ...


I feel like this is my month but don't have any real symptoms, just a lot of cramping and a lot of wishing.  I'm on cycle day 25, and I'm usually a 24-26 day kind of girl.  Still don't have any tests in the house since after a whole year of trying I'm trying to be more relaxed.  Definitely would have POAS if there were one around.  My goal this time is to wait until I'm actually late.


baby dust to all!

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I'm with you zbugmama - I have tests in the house, but now that it's been over a year, I don't test because every month my temps have gone down. Are you doing the one year doctor consult thing? I'm in the beginning of that process now.

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Originally Posted by marcyse View Post

I'm with you zbugmama - I have tests in the house, but now that it's been over a year, I don't test because every month my temps have gone down. Are you doing the one year doctor consult thing? I'm in the beginning of that process now.


I'm not a fan of doctors so I've only go as far as seeing my midwife to make sure all my parts are in order and, because the timing was off, some blood tests next cycle.  Next step would be DH getting checked out (but we haven't had that conversation yet).  I started getting acupuncture regularly a couple of months ago, too.  I LOVE acupuncture and have had amazing results with other health issues in the past.  Again, I'm trying not to raise my expectations so at the very least it's been great for my stress level.  Also getting some exercise just to feel more physically ready and relaxed.  I haven't paid this much attention to myself in a while.  


This summer really feels like the perfect time for us to get pregnant in so many ways and DH was a little slow to agree for #2 so I'm not sure about next steps if this summer's not our time.


I'm working really hard to not keep looking for symptoms, but counting the days like crazy.

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Extremely bad mood and very emotional the last 2 days. Took a test at 4pm, definitely not fmu. Dont know what to think of it, I kinda think I see the extra line that makes the plus sign, but I could totally be imagining it because I want it so bad. 2 days until af...no signs of her yet. Guess we shall see.
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I hate this! I have never been this crazy before while trying to conceive....it has also never taken me this long before. I always succeeded on the first try!  I did have a doctor consult and they want to prescribe clomid (not ready for the possibility of multiples), but I am just not ready for that route yet. I have a short luteal phase, but it has always been short. I keep going back and forth with...."I feel prenant." and then "nope, I think I am out for this month" or "is this a pregnancy symptom or is this an AF symptom" It must be the biological clock countdown. Who knows...it is driving me crazy though.

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BFN on my digital test today, an pre-af type mild cramps so im sure im not pregnant this cycle. 


Delightedbutterfly I use those cheap internet stick tests and not had a problem with false lines before, but throwing the rest away from this batch! It was so much better using the clearblue digital test today because it's a clear 'not pregnant' that appears on the screen window, instead of obsessing over lines being there or not there on the other tests!! So im planning to next month only use a digital one, but as they are more expensive i will only use one and i'll wait until the day before af is due to take it. Yes it will be a longer wait to test but it will stop all this obsessing on lines with these other tests which has been driving me crazy and stressing me out!


Goodluck to all, I'll be counting the days until O and then back here in July's tww.joy.gif

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Woot, I'm in! DH and I got married on June 7 and we just started TTC (my second, his first). Pretty crazy to be doing it on purpose! I had a copper IUD that I got removed about 6 weeks ago -- I wanted to have one full cycle just to kind of clean out. My cycles are a bit short, more like 26 days. I was hoping the timing would work out so that I'd be ovulating on our honeymoon in Spain, but that didn't happen. My LMP was June 15 and we've been going strong this week.

 I haven't started temping or anything -- we're just counting days and trying to enjoy the process. So far it's been a very enjoyable process. :) I probably won't know anything until the second week of July. If things don't work out on their own this cycle, I'll probably start temping and borrow the device known to a group of my friends as "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Ovulation Machine."

Anyway, it's very exciting to be here!

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OMG OMG OMG!!!! Dont want to get too excited, but took the rite aide test, faint positive sign, tookdollar store test my mom sent me, faint positive, took FRER...BFP!!!
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Just took this frer digi!!!
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Congrats Cressy!!!!! Sending lots of baby dust your way!
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Thank you!!!! Hoping and praying for the best this go round!! Thank you to my angel!! Todd Rider!!
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Congrats, Cressy!  That's awesome!


I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for my stupid infection.  I am so hoping I can get this cleared up quickly so that we can try this month!!!  I'm at the end of my period, so I feel like it's possible to do some kind of treatment and still have a couple days left.  I normally ovulate on CD16.  Okay, maybe one day left.  loveeyes.gif  But one is all you need!!!

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I think I am still in shock!! I keep looking at the tests, there are 5 of them.lol. I got married on the 12th, wonder if that could have been around the time that led to conception. I was supposed to o on the 15th. So maybe marriage sex done it. I dont really have any symptoms.The night before last, I was so tired, I laid down around 8pm. Then I was wore out all day yesterday, went to bed at 9. Woke up, wide awake at 1130pm. Couldnt go back to sleep. Laid down on the couch, so I wouldnt wake dh up. Ended up falling back asleep. Started testing...5 later, im convinced...I think. I didnt have any symptoms with my son either, just heartburn and morn8ng sickness, that started later. My face usually clears up, but that has yet to happen. Some say, that is a sign of a girl. Thats what I want, not getting my hopes up though. Everyone please pray for ke that this pregnancy goes well, and full term. I have my guardian angel Todd watching over me, but more prayers can only help the situation.. Thanks for all the congrats!!!
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Congrats MamaJen and Cressyhoke!!joy.gif


Good luck JayRay!

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