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Thanks, trying to stay busy so I don't think about it too much!

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Would you put me down as waiting to be ready?


I'm having my copper IUD removed on Wednesday. That'll be right around the beginning of my cycle, maybe a little before (I JUST started charting again --- had done so intermittently for birth control or curiosity in the past, but anyway since I just restarted I don't know exactly where I am). 


Either way, I'm looking at my first non-IUD ovulation in July, but I'm going a little crazy running through all of this in my head so I wanted to join a thread and stop. torturing. myself. 


By way of introduction, I'm 28, married, trying to conceive our first. 


Excited to be following along with all of you!

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Welcome to Mothering pepperedmoth! I wish you all the luck on your TTC journey! Hopefully you will get to join a Due Date Club fairly quickly!

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Thanks! I hope so too . . . 

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6DPO today and DF is already trying to get me to test. lol.gif  I have FIVE tests at my disposal this cycle so I'm definitely not going to start using them yet.


We had friends over last night (which is not unusual but we had more than the usual number in this instance because its our last weekend in this apartment) and everyone kept asking me why I wasn't drinking at all.  So of course my BFF had to run around telling everyone I might be "preggy". duck.gif  But on the bright side, I still had fun without the hangover the next morning! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Welcome, pepperedmoth!


Fingers crossed for you, urchin_grey!  fingersx.gif


And, yay, I can be moved to Waiting to Know!  O'ed yesterday so I am going to do my best to remain calm and patient for the next week and a half.

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Good luck urchin grey!!!

12 dpo today and cm started to dry up yesterday and is pretty nonexistent today. Lots of cramping today too. I think I'm out for this month...pretty sure with first pregnancy I had something. AF due Monday. Wish she would come so we can just move on...
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13 dpo. AF due tomorrow. Was planning to test today for Father's Day but don't feel like the disappointment. Will just wait for her to arrive...
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Pretty uncomfortable cramping with brown spotting 1-2 days before AF is due. Gah! Wish it would just start!
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Can I please join? :-)

I'm waiting to O. My cycles are 34 days and I'm on CD 11. This is my second cycle of TTC my first. Still learning!

I'm 26 and have been married for 3 years! Look forward to getting to know everyone.
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Welcome, brooksfam!  I was 26 when I had my first.  I'm now TTC #3 (and the final baby).  Hope your stay here is short and you move on to a DDC soon!

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Welcome brooksfam!!! Best of luck!!!
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Hi, everyone!


I have been lurking for a while, but now that we're actively TTC #2, I'm joining in for some support.  I'm in the waiting to know part of the month and after a few months I'm not even buying a test until the end of the month.


best baby wishes to all!

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I guess I'm 10dpo today and in order to not waste tests I don't have any in the house. I might order some from Amazon and have them be guaranteed to show up 12dpo.


welcome, zbugmama! we've been trying for over 6 months so I also have stopped keeping tests around. Seems like with my fertility cycle there's another cycle: getting excited and hopeful, (day2 of AF- ovulation) then being more and more upset and worried and disappointed until i think i will just give up. Then there are a couple of days of real heartache before I become hopeful again. I really want this to be the month!




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Thread Starter 

Hi Ladies, I hope I have everyone in the right spot on the header. Let me know in bold if you need something changed. Sorry I haven't been very chatty.

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I am possibly in my TWW now. WHo knows though because my last cycle was about 43-44 days long! I was also in the middle of planning a wedding and then getting married. My period showed up 18 days later, two days after my wedding. 

This month I took the most relaxed approach I could. I was sick right after my period ended, but we DTD at least 3-4 times before supposed ovulation, and then 3 times after. We're going to continue every other day or so just in case my cycle is all wonky again.


This month I just went with the flow. No temping, no checking my cervix. I'm pretty sure I have EWCM because it was on the TP when I wiped a couple times. This is only our 3rd cycle of trying since removing my IUD in March. I'm really hoping for a winter or spring baby! My DS is a summer baby (turning 4 on July 5th!)


Good luck to everyone!

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I'm confused. Sorry if TMI. I has pretty bad AF cramping yesterday. Mostly brown discharge with red mixed in. Clotting. But mostly brown. Today cramping but not as bad...still brown/black but some red when I wipe. Why so much brown and black? Anyone ever experience this?
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Bonadl, I experienced that with my last cycle with some really heavy clotting. Wish I knew what the deal was!

I'm 6dpo and waiting to know!
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I am now waiting to know. I have been temping, so I am fairly sure I am 3 dpo. This cycle I just had an HSG (both tubes clear) and bloodwork for follicular phase hormones (all normal). DH and I are on cycle 13, TTC #1. I am hoping that maybe the HSG cleared some minor stuff out of the way and that we will have a BFP soon! 


Good luck everyone and congrats to those who just got a BFP! :)

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Crossing my fingers for everyone...Positive LH strip tonight! Ovulation in a few days...getting the dance moves out and the lingerie.. winky.gif


How is everybody else doing with there place in their cycle?


Good luck everyone!

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