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underarm hair in 8 yr old

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Hi Mama's


It's been a long time since I've been on these boards, but you all are always a wonderful resource. I just noticed last night that my 8.5 year old has underarm hair. I swear it wasn't there a week ago! She's been wearing deodorant for a couple years now because of bad BO.


She's 2nd grade and almost 4'11' tall and 85 lbs - so all signs indicate it's just slightly early puberty - since she's within the range of normal. I vaguely remember shaving by the time I was 9, so it's not too strange...


I'm just trying to figure out whether to point it out or to let her come to me. We're pretty open in our house and we've been reading The Care and Keeping of You for Younger Girls so we have a launching pad so to speak. I guess I'm just trying to figure out how to help her navigate this without making her seem different from her friends - she already is sooooo much taller than her whole class (dad and I are pretty tall, and we're the shorties in our families, so she comes by it naturally - no crazy medical conditions).


I think I just needed some reassurance that I can handle this. If you've read the Tina Fey book and the chapter about her mom giving her the box of period supplies - that was my experience growing up. And I want to be a bit more help to my daughter. I'm a public health researcher, so you'd think I'd be a bit more prepared, but I thought I had just a little more time.


OK - thanks for reading and thanks for any suggestions, words of wisdom or guidance.



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I got a few books from the library and read them to my DD when I noticed her underarm.hair. While reading them she said it felt better to know it was normal, she thought it was something wrong but never said anything. I has already gone through her learning about sex in a less than accurate way from a friend and didn't want her to learn about puberty that way.
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First I'd like to thank you HokieGirl for your honesty. Now as we all know everyone is different and that also includes our development. All we want as Mothers, is to let our children know that we love them unconditionally. Based on your post you're showing this. We have to also get over ourselves and our fears about the subject. Keep your POKER faces on mommies. If they see you freaking out about something they see as small, they may start to believe you can't handle something BIG. Keep it simple and age appropriate. Ex. "I notice you have some little hairs coming in. What do you think about that, Big Girl?" Allow her to clue you in on what she knows and you fill in the blanks. No major announcement or family meeting needed. Try mentioning it in a matter of fact way, nothing formal.


I hope this helps,



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