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Echo- this is my third baby and I totally hear you, I am feeling very anxious about making choices around what to do with my boys while I am birthing, when ds1 was little at ds2's birth it was fine he was easily comforted and happy to potter around, now that the boys are so much bigger and the house of course has remained the same size I worry about where they will go, how I will cope if they decide its time to play a rowdy game, which I fear I wouldn't cope with, loud sounds bug me currently so heavens knows how I would cope during labour. But then I have never had anyone else in my birth space besides my child my husband and my midwife, inviting another person in is huge for me and I don't know who I could happily have fill that role especially as neither of our mothers are welcome.
I am going to start praying this baby girl be born quickly and quietly at 3am, it would solve my anxiety and be really special, I'm yet to give birth at night, had both my boys just on dinner time. So really hoping I can channel some night time energy so she comes then while its dark and quiet!
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Originally Posted by Maine Mama View Post

Serafina, I love the planter/planting area in the bottom photo. Is that something that you built?

Ha!  I'm so not crafty.  It was there when we moved in, housing rose bushes.  There is a massive raised bed in the front yard full of rose bushes and the back yard had them growing up the trellis from that stone walled bed, and then the side yard had yet more roses.  I like roses and all, I guess, but I want edible red goodies, not pretty pink flowers!  Well I left the bed in front and the ones on the side and even left one in the middle of my veggies (plus a mini one) so it's not like I killed all the roses, but it's just not ...me.  Strawberries are me!

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wow I haven't read through here for a while...where to start...


serafina- I'm totally with you on strawberries. Our garden/property is still in too much flux for much permanent planting but I can't want to plant a nice strawberry patch and some high bush blueberries.  For now we just do crazy picking at a local farm and end up with a freezer's worth of strawberries for the winter.

also, its nice to hear the sterile water helped your back labor. Its nice to hear a real person say it. It is my number one fear.


echo-  my only fear last time was that I would poop myself. I have weird privacy issues with the bathroom so I really didn't want to poop in front of DH. Yeah, so...it happened and I survived. Though I would prefer not to do it again I figure it probably will and I can't change that so it is at least one fear I can kind of brush off now.


dahlia- I totally found a cute enough tankini top at goodwill the other day that I think will actually fit through the summer. I was so excited. Now I just need to find a bottom that fits since I gave my bikini bottom to my little sister last year when I opted for a one piece.


danielle- If you did go into labor at an inopportune time of day could you send your boys to your mother-in-laws for the birth? She's really close by, yes?  I'm praying that this baby waits to arrive until my mom has gotten here. I think I'll ask her to come a week early just in case. If he/she decides to make an appearance before that DS will have to go to neighbors or possibly I have a friend who could come to our house and stay with him.  I'm birthing at a hospital that is 45 minutes away so I'm totally feeling anxiety about leaving DS behind when we go.

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Danielle & Suzie- It will be totally weird having a girl around here...even my cat's a boy! I actually grew up surrounded by girls (it was 20+ years of no boys before this wave of boys started), but I've never been the girliest girl (I was all about the video games, and I'm the one who plays the drums! Although, I do have a pretty large shoe collection). The idea of a girl has sunk in a little now and I'm pretty excited about it! I'm still having a hard time believing it's actually going to come out a girl, though!

Serafina-Your garden is beautiful! I always want to have a garden, but I am just terrible at it. I try to start one every few years and everything dies. Both of my parents have the greenest of green thumbs and I'm kind of ticked I didn't inherit it from either of them!
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