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Diaper rash and cloth diapers

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I have a persistent diaper rash problem. I'm not sure it's diaper related but it seems that way and hoping for some expert diaper opinions :)


10 mo DD has had a persistent diaper rash that keeps coming back no matter what. It is mainly on her legs where her diaper rubs against her legs. It gets very red and dry/irritated. But it also creeps into her diaper area too. It is not yeast. No matter what I try, coconut oil, nystatin, zinc oxide (multiple brands), butt butter, cornstarch it keeps coming back.


When I put her nighttime diaper on, I load up with coconut oil, zinc or crisco depending on the severity and usually by morning it looks so much better and some mornings it is gone! But as she sits and moves around during the day it gets worse and very red. By 5pm I just let her go diaper free. This does not seem to help at this point as the damage is done. I think she is bothered by it. When I wipe she seems uncomfortable and when diaper free she itches/rubs the area, but not sure if this is just that age either...


I even tried disposables for a long weekend and it didn't get any better. I will be traveling again this weekend and use disposables (another brand) and we will see. I use BumGenius (and Flips) and FuzziBunz. I started soaking the diapers in cold vinegar water before washing. We use homemade detergent. I use a water bottle with a little lavender and TTO with cloth wipes. This started about 1-2 months ago.


Is this just sensitve skin? The doc suggested using steroids!?!? Hoping to try some other things out. Suggestions? Thoughts?

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Poor babe! Sounds like her skin is just being rubbed by whatever is there! Could just be sensitive skin definitely. Since you're sure it's not yeast (and it doesn't sound like it) have you tried some cornstarch or powder at every diaper change to see if less 'friction' and rubbing will make a difference? 

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Also TTO can be irritating to skin. Maybe don't use that for a bit. Or change diapers more often. Perhaps there is chafing from being wet?
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