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What is Traditional Foods?

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Hi I am looking for a wholesome diet. Something that fits our family and is healthy! We are in the process of changing everything about the way we live. Ive read so much YUCKY stuff over the last month about everything..Im in for the change. We are mainly a fast foods, quick meals at home type of family. I can most definatley cook by scratch and bake and do all that stuff but I grew up on junk so it tastes good,,,LOL! After reading all the articles about how certain foods are bad for you..like really bad for you..I just want to change the way we eat. I have 7 children..pregnant with my 8th and I HATE that I actually loaded garbage into my kids mouths. I was on my own little diet one time of just fruits and veggies and I felt amazing. I lost like 30 lbs right off the bat..but then got pregnant and their went my diet. Although I dont think a diet of just fruit and veggies would have lasted me very long anyways because there were supplements or anything and Im almost positive I wasnt getting all my vitamins. 

Anyways..back to the story. Im not really sure what Treditional food is. Is it baking from scratch or is it a special diet. Im just researching what I want right now and dont really know where to look. Im not even sure what I want or whats good for us and whats not. I read alot of articles about meat and animal protien and how it wasnt good for us. And read and watched a documentary about how animal protien can cause cancer. That makes me so sick to my stomach (PUKE) but in another thread...some mamas didnt agree. So...Im not sure which way to go? Any  help would be awesome! Where to start? How to make changes. We are running out of food here so Ill be making a huge shopping trip within the next week and really need some info by then so I can buy right stuff! I also need some help with meal planning. Any websites to reccomend I could read would be great too. I hope this thread makes sense....LOL! I wrote it while kids are screaming in my ear and fighting...Thanks everyone

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This is my interpretation of it as an outsider: Traditional Foods is a term that refers to a way of eating that is beyond just whole foods eating, but does incorporate more of the early cultural traditions of food processing & preparation as opposed to the primal or paleo which I see as closer to what prehistoric peoples on pure hunter/gatherer diets where they didn't cultivate or keep livestock.  This is my opinion, of course, the reality is that primal and TF have a fair amount in common because we are eating cultivated foods these days, and animals that have been bred over centuries.  But the idea is that we return to earlier ways of doing things, so cattle are free roaming and grass fed, chickens can eat their natural diet which would include digging up worms or eating bugs or what have you.  There is a lot of fermenting in Traditional Foods, soaking of grains & nuts to remove phytic acid, and I hear a lot about bone broth.  Also, the people I know who eat this diet buy raw milk.


I am not a Traditional Foods person myself, I try to do more of a whole foods diet, with a reliance on local produce and grass fed meat, which is easily obtainable in my area.  I eat vegetarian foods, except when I eat junk food, like I did today or when I scavenge. :D  I try to balance my omega 3s with my omega 6s. But I eat a lot of unsoaked grains and too much flour, and most of the cheese I eat is not from pastured cows.

I have the Nourishing Traditions book by Sally Fallon, but I haven't made a whole lot in it, because it seems like it starts with raw milk and you make one thing, then you use that to make another thing, and that is used in yet another recipe. It's not that difficult, really, but I feel like I'm just using too many normal products because I don't have access to decent milk, so I mostly avoid milk. 


You can read more about Traditional Foods and/or primal at these links:



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