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The epic Yeast/BV/GBS/Candida Vagina thread

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Because it's SO common in pregnancy to have these infections or imbalances due to hormonal craziness, I thought I'd start a thread about it.


I am suffering horribly this pregnancy and found my issues might be with my DH having an out of control infection as well. Sugar/junk cravings are an issue as well for me. I crave fruit like mad.


Let's chat about what works, what doesn't and get this yeast under control!


I've tried the garlic clove in the yoni. This did NOT work for me, though I felt a bit better.


I also tried yogurt with live cultures. This feels great but doesn't work to cure anything. Just soothes the itch. My DD was looking red and irritated (she's 3) and WOW did this work on her. 


Hydrogen peroxide rinse worked for a few days, but didn't cure things entirely. Same with apple cider vinegar. It feels good though, so I'm still doing it.


I'm using coconut oil in the entire area because it feels swollen and just HURTS. I try to go without underwear as well. Coincidentally, sex is feeling great and I actually want to (did NOT with DD#1's pregnancy) so that's a plus, but not really because things are highly irritated afterwards. And I go to GREAT measures to clean up afterwards.


I've been on the 3 day monistat and now 5 days of metrogel. I did them out of order according to my midwife. But they didn't work and now I really don't know what else to try.


I believe my issues stem from DH reinfecting me over and over again. hopmad.gif


We are seeing a doc for that on Thursday (after it being ENTIRELY dismissed back in March by his doc ARG!!!!) I am drinking a bit of kombucha everyday and everyone is taking a probiotic currently. I am making my own yogurt starting today and want to use the whey to try my hand at pickles.


I am now using stevia drops in my AM coffee because I am trying to stay away from sugar.

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ugh.  sorry to hear it, tilly.  recurrent infections suck.  i've been struggling with my own mild version of this - one thing i tried is an OTC homeopathic treatment for BV called VH Essentials BV Treatment - you can get it at Walgreens or CVS or amazon...it was gentle and did work to balance my vaginal environment.  and seems like lots of women have success with it.  and i thought i had yeast b/c i was itchy but then it went away so i didn't treat it.  but if i have more symptoms, i think i will next try inserting my probiotics vaginally - they actually make one for that purpose (called FemDophilous, i believe) but i imagine its the same as what i take orally.  good luck!

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Jess thank you! I will def check out this BV stuff. I think the BV is gone but who would know? The symptoms are so similar. Ugh!!!

I've seen the fem probiotic at my health food store. I'm trying to figure out what supplements work and which ones don't!
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DH may very well be reinfecting you.  Has he been treated?  He can take Diflucan (flucanazole) or soak his penis in ACV for a few minutes (if he's uncircumsised, make sure it gets under the foreskin).  If you feel like you get yourself cured, you could try using condoms for a bit to see if that keeps him from reinfecting you.  I know it's a bummer since not having to worry about birth control is one of the great parts of pregnant sex, but it might be worth it to test your re-infecting theory.

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Also, just thought I'd mention that it seems like what the doctor prescribed for me did work.  It was Ketoconazole vaginal suppositories (sold under the name Nizoral).  That was after the garlic in the yoni and salt water, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide douches only provided temporary relief for me.

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I thought I had BV because I had an off smell but no gray discharge, pain or itching. Just a smell that has come and gone since last June. My midwife tested me and it came back negative for BV. Before the test I tried garlic twice a day for 5 days and then followed that with probiotic capsules vaginally 3 times a day for another 5 days. It worked for about a week or so after that. I tried tea tree oil suppositories twice a day for 2 weeks and that didn't work.

Since my test was negative my Midwife suggested doing sitz baths with apple cider vinegar or Epsom salt. I've done apple cider sitz baths a few times and it seems to be helping a little. I read it could be hormones.

I think I will try liquid chlorophyll since I read it's good for pregnancy anyway.
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Liquid chlorophyll is on my list of things for labor (there is an awesome thread here I found that on!), I'm going to google what it does for pregnancy. I'm not anemic as far as I know.

My BV and YI are GONE. I was so scared to insert yeast arrest that I waited weeks until I could ask my newly hired midwife. She said start taking it NOW and 4 days later now-- it's gone. I feel like I have a new vagina! It was itchy, swollen and tender, was just wet and sticky feeling all day where I had to change underwear, now? Nothing. It's so weird how normal it feels now. I'm so happy I found something that finally WORKED!

So now tonight I noticed a bit of itchy. I had a very gluttonous dinner with lots of soy (Mongolian BBQ) and knew I'd be feeling crappy the rest of the night. I'm also getting a cold I think-- achy feeling and a really sore throat so it was just good to eat some comfort food. I'm already feeling the effects in my GI tract and now worry that the yeast is DIRECTLY related to gluten?!?! I mean how strange is that my lady parts start to itch after a bad bad dinner choice? I'm trying to listen to my body as much as possible right now, but sometimes I feel like a loon for thinking this stuff. Ha.
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Fortunately, my vaginal yeast hasn't came back since the Nizoral.  My midwife suggested taking a tablespoon of ACV with warm water in the AM and eating 1-2 cloves of raw garlic a day to make sure it stays away.  But now I have a weird, gross problem - what I think is a yeast infection in my armpits.  It is a patch of red, scaly skin that kinda burns and itches a little in the crease of both armpits, but way worse under my left armpit.  I remember when I worked at a summer camp that kids used to get these sometimes and the infirmary would treat it by putting Monistat cream in their armpits.  It has definitely been hot and humid here and my deodorant keeps me from smelling but not from sweating, so my armpits are always a little moist.  Since it isn't driving me crazy yet, I am trying to cure it by putting ACV on it every day and also washing my armpits with a lactic acid soap in the shower.  My cousin also recommended leaving olive oil to sit with garlic slices overnight and then applying the oil....but it is bad enough smelling like vinegar all day, should I add garlic to the mix??

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If you can lay in the sun with your armpits exposed to the sun ad air. The sun is great for killing yeast and fungus rashes. Do that for a couple days.
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I'm going to try this.  Thanks for the advice swissmiss.  The only time I really have to do this is early in the morning so I hope the sun is strong enough then.

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Agreed. I bet it'll work! I had terrible nipple soreness with BF and thought I had a minor case of thrush. The only thing that worked finally was when I stopped wearing a bra to sleep. It just needed some AIR!

What about coconut oil? I had to mention because I'm obsessed with the stuff. wink1.gif
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I can't find coconut oil here, which is crazy because coconuts are all over the place. But I have a belly butter a friend brought me from the US that is made with some coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia nut butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter and I got desperate and put some of that on it last night.  And then I washed with lactic acid soap today in the morning and went and stood with my arms raised and armpits exposed to the sun, but only lasted like 5 minutes.  I put more of the belly butter on after and then went to work.  The redness seems to have gone down.  It's now pink and doesn't itch/burn as much.  I'm going to keep trying the sun and belly butter combo.  Thanks for the suggestions!!

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Glad it seems to be helping!
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So how are your armpits now lilmamita? I could send you some CO couldn't I? It's at Trader Joe's here organic and extra virgin for $5.99 a jar. I wonder how customs work tho-- would they mess with it? I've sent things to Canada many times and never had an issue.

HAPPY to report after a swab at my OB (this'll prob be the last appt. yay for midwives!) I'm on the mend by the flora isn't looking great. I'm missing the lacto one which is annoying because I'm really trying to eat healthy and eat foods with the lacto strain in them. I fear it's not doing a darn thing and I'll have to take more drastic measures. I've heard suppositories work and there is one called fem-dophilis or something like that. Have you ladies tried it? Maybe just start inserting a little yogurt? I don't like the idea of tampons frozen with yogurt like I've read so I wonder how I would even do that without a huge mess.

The doc told me to refrain from sex, panty liners and underwear as much as I could. Ugh my poor husband. We have t had relations in like a month and a half!!! I'm thinking about using a condom and CO as a lubricant if its uncomfy. Gah it makes me sad the doc said that. Like my life isn't hard enough! I pee myself all the time now-- no panty liners mean no absorbtion.

Maybe I should make myself some cloth ones with my awesome sewing machine! I'll google some tutorials but in the meantime-- didn't one of you ladies just make a bunch? I though I saw that over in the crafting tread.
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Alright, i'm glad this thread already exists, because I didn't want to start one a new one with this. I am a nervous wreck right now. I have had a swollen area on the outside of my labia for at least a few weeks now. I have assumed it was a varicosity caused by all the increased pressure, but I've noticed couple of small, blackish spots on the swelling that confused me. I mentioned to my physical therapist during our appointment last week that I thought I had a varicose vein in the area, and she said that how I described it was unusual, and asked if it could perhaps be a herpes sore. I've never had herpes, so I blew that off at first, but I know it can be latent in one's system for quite some time, so I looked up information on it today and what I am seeing on myself does not look like herpes to me.

I've remained puzzled and mildly concerned, so tonight I decided to look up "black spot on labia," and all the information points to vulvar cancer or precancerous growth. I want to get it checked out immediately, and biopsied if possible. I'm really worried. All I know is this does not look normal, and it's not something I've ever experienced before.

I think I can be a bit of a hypochondriac, so I'm trying to calm myself down, but man, this is freaking me out!
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Oh god Jenny!!! I'd be freaking too. Dr. Google is a curse sometimes!

Just get it checked out ASAP and keep us posted!

If it is any consolation-- idiot me trusted Kaisers WRONG hcg blood test confirming that I was *not* pregnant. The test still makes me laugh because I knew I was and I swore to myself that I would NOT get an U/S early or even get prenatal care till atleast 8wks. My m/c was very hard for me emotionally at 8wks. I partially believe these internal U/S wands might disrupt the body that early on and are NOT needed to confirm pregnancy. Well I doubted myself because I just started a new thyroid drug and thought something else was going on. DH and I practiced FAM or TTA for a long time and even cheated once in a while and never got pregnant. I did a google search for some of my "symptoms" and they all pointed to ovarian cancers, tumors etc., my sister just had a surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and she told me the post op recovery was brutal. I was in a lot of pain with cramping that was coupled with horrible low back pain. I have never felt anything like it! I decided to go to urgent care. They told me I was pregnant. I felt incredibly stupid! But I still made SURE to get checked out!
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lilmamita- if you can get your hands on some, aloe vera can help keep the yeast at bay in your underarms as well.
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Ugh I had sex ONCE with DH and now I think the BV is back. Happy Friday my ass! Ugh.
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Has he been treated?
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Yep. Took diflucan for 2 weeks. My flora isn't where it should be (I have no infection but zero lactobacillus strains vaginally) based on a swab taken on Weds.

We could not wait-- 2 months was a long stretch for us and I actually wanted to. My underwear are soaked by evening (yuck tmi sorry) and I'm noticing a fishy smell so I'm going to put in a yeast arrest suppository tonight. I started taking a heavy duty $30 probiotic rather then attempting to eat the strains I need. Praying it works. Tired of this issue!
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