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The epic Yeast/BV/GBS/Candida Vagina thread - Page 2

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Fishy smell is usually BV not yeast. Was he treated for BV?

I had what I thought was a fishy smell but tested negative for BV. I started taking liquid chlorophyll and almost instantly the smell started to go away. I take it once a day to stay fresh and for the benefits of presently postpartum bleeding and all the vitamins and minerals.
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Lol he can be treated for BV?!?! Darn I was just at the health food store and forgot about liquid chlorophyll! Need to pick some up!

Thanks mama. I'm so disgruntled. Can you tell?
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I would be frustrated too! Horrible to deal with. If he isn't circumcised I would think that he could be harboring the bacteria that causes BV.

The chlororphyll has been amazing! Don happy it's helping with my odor. I bought Nature's Way mint flavored. Tastes good to me.
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Originally Posted by tillymonster View Post

Oh god Jenny!!! I'd be freaking too. Dr. Google is a curse sometimes!

Just get it checked out ASAP and keep us posted!

If it is any consolation-- idiot me trusted Kaisers WRONG hcg blood test confirming that I was *not* pregnant. The test still makes me laugh because I knew I was and I swore to myself that I would NOT get an U/S early or even get prenatal care till atleast 8wks. My m/c was very hard for me emotionally at 8wks. I partially believe these internal U/S wands might disrupt the body that early on and are NOT needed to confirm pregnancy. Well I doubted myself because I just started a new thyroid drug and thought something else was going on. DH and I practiced FAM or TTA for a long time and even cheated once in a while and never got pregnant. I did a google search for some of my "symptoms" and they all pointed to ovarian cancers, tumors etc., my sister just had a surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and she told me the post op recovery was brutal. I was in a lot of pain with cramping that was coupled with horrible low back pain. I have never felt anything like it! I decided to go to urgent care. They told me I was pregnant. I felt incredibly stupid! But I still made SURE to get checked out!

Thanks, Tilly :)


I went to see an OB on Wednesday for an exam, and I was sooooooo nervous.  Turned out to only be a varicose vein- she showed me in a hand mirror why it appeared so different from the angle (standing/sitting) I was seeing it from rather than laying down, because of the difference in blood volume/pressure.  Thank goodness.  I was a freakin wreck.  In fact, my anxiety has been getting the best of me lately, in lots of situations. 


Yucky varicose veins- but YAY for not too bad!

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I hadn't seen this thread in a while, so didn't see all the additional advice offered to me.  Thanks, everyone.  My armpit rash is gone.  Daily sun exposure and frequent washing with lactic acid soap seemed to do the trick.  Thanks for offering to send coconut oil, tilly, but customs is a NIGHTMARE here.  It would have arrived but there would have been lots of taxes to pay.

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I thought I had BV and I may have as well but it turns out I had yeast! I was able to keep it under control with peroxide doushing mainly but it never fully went away and was exacerbated buy sex. It the end I opted for the 7 day monistat treatment. So far I've been symptom free for almost 2 weeks now smile.gif
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