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Great summer reading for kids - got any suggestions?

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I have an 11-year-old and a 4-year-old. I would be reading to the 4-year-old. The 11-year-old mainly reads YA books but she reads a LOT and would be happy with any other suggestions. Plus it would be nice to give suggestions for everyone at Mothering.

My 4-year-old doesn't sit still so I haven't read her chapter books but I might start with that this summer. I'm not sure just how it will go.

But some favorites here are:

Wind In the Willows
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Mouse and the Motorcycle books

Or really anything by Beverly Cleary. In fact, my girls have a similar age spread as Beezus and Ramona. I might start with one of those books.

Add your favorites!
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This may give you some ideas. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1384447/chapter-book-recommendations-reading-to-5-year-old-boy#post_17374566

We should have a reading list that is always available to be referenced.
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Swallows and Amazons and the other books by Arthur Ransome about summertime and messing about on boats!! 

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What are some of your 11 yr olds favorites? If she hasn't read the Penderwick books she might really like those. Four girls and their dad — oldest girl is about 14 and youngest is 4.

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I had to google "Penderwick" but those books look really good!

I'll have to show her the Ransome books and see what she thinks.

It's hard because she and I have different tastes. I loved Harry Potter but she didn't like them at all. It's hard to guess what she'll like.
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They are really good. My girls loved them.

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If she likes more true to life fiction rather than fantasy she might like the "Sisters Club" series by Megan McDonald. My girls really liked Lauren Myracle's series about a girl named "Winnie", too. The first one is "Ten", followed by "Eleven" (which I think was actually the first one she wrote, and "Ten" was sort of a prequel), "Twelve", "Thirteen" and "Thirteen Plus One". They're pretty easy reads, but my girls liked them. My younger one especially loved them, but she likes realistic fiction more than my 12 yr old, who loves fantasy. Also in the realistic fiction category, she might like the series that starts with "Saffy's Angel" by Hilary McKay. It's a true-to-life story about an eccentric English family with 4 kids and two artist parents. Both my dds really loved this one.


If she likes fantasies, sci-fi/dystopian, manga, etc, post back and I can give some suggestions on those genres. My dds are not much into romance and are not huge mystery fans unless there's another element to the story also, but other than that they like a wide variety of middle grade and some YA stuff. A lot of the YA stuff gets a little too romancy for them. (Not Twilight fans, thank goodness.)

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My kids range from 7-13 right now.  They all read independently but love to listen to a story too.  Recently read that they have enjoyed are the Betsy-Tacy books by Lovelace (series starts when Betsy is 6 and goes on until she marries), Mysterious Benedict Society (just the two older girls were interested), Understood Betsy, and The Penderwicks.


I love Sharon Creech for the 10-14 yr olds -- my favorites are Walk Two Moons and Bloomability.  My dds won't read Walk Two Moons because they know that it is a bit sad.  They currently refuse to read "sad" books.  Creech also wrote Absolutely Normal Chaos which I thought was fun.  



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My 12 yr old and I are reading "Abarat" its a 3 part series and honestly I don't know if I like the story more or the artwork in the book more.  This one you need the actual book, not the kindle edition.. the artwork doesn't show in the e-books.

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