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Where to offer donor milk?

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With my first I donated a lot of milk to a local not-for-profit milk bank. The experience was fine but I'd like to donate locally? Can I offer milk here? Any recommendations for milk sharing sources? Some of them look like they have had infighting/weirdness.

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I love our local page for Human Milk 4 Human Babies!  But you'd need to look for a page local to you.

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Human milk for human babies or eats on feets. Both are on Facebook and should have a group for your state. As a person who supplements with donor milk, thank you for your generosity and thank you for using these groups because most milk banks charge and are prohibitively expensive.
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I've donated many hundreds of ounces of milk through Human Milk 4 Human Babies and Eats on Feets and it always worked out great. If you type in those names + the name of your state in your Facebook search, your local page should pop up. Good luck and thanks for being willing to donate milk! :)

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Is there a non-facebook method? I don't use facebook by choice. I've donated before to a milk bank but don't want to deal with paperwork and our local breastfeeding center no longer keeps "the list" that I donated through in the past.

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Can you go to a local LLL meeting and ask around? Or maybe you have a local birth/mommies group. Ask the local midwives if they have any moms who need milk. Our local midwives are always hitting us up for milk. :)

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My understanding is that LLL leaders are not able to share options for informal milk-sharing, but KSDoulaSara has some great suggestions.  Human Milk for Human Babies I think is exclusively on Facebook, but if you can find your local group (e.g. through a google search) you can usually e-mail the moderator directly.  Good luck, and how fab you are able to offer such a wonderful gift to other mums and babies.

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Do you have a midwife?  I know my midwife had an extra freezer and would take donor milk to give to moms that needed it for various reasons.  I've donated through Eats on Feets.  There is also Milkshare-it's a forum to connect with local moms in need


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