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contractions are beating me

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Well I last night was day two of all night Braxton Hicks. They are really strong from 1 am till 4.  I could not get them to calm down. I took three baths. I am completely worn out. I got about an hour of sleep.  I am having a hard time managing the pain, but I think it's cause I am so worn out.  My feet and legs are killing me cause I can't seem to get them off the floor. I just want to cry. 

I just called my midwife and she said to take Tylenol Pm and try to get at least 4 hrs sleep. I haven't taken medication in forever, but I guess I need to do something. Thankfully my husband took off work today and can watch the kids.


How is everyone else dealing with contractions?   I lost my ability to breath and relax. My body just tenses up :( 


and everyone and their brother are calling and texting me to see if the baby has come. arggg   vent vent vent.

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Circle V, I'm right there with you. I started having these rounds when I was 32 weeks pregnant, but maybe only once or twice a week. Now it's every other day, or for a series of days at a time. Some of the contractions are Braxton Hicksie in nature, that very strong tightening of the belly,  but they can last for 20 or 30 minutes or longer over a period of hours (or an entire day). It's like the muscles just won't relax! Other times I get the menstrual type cramps, or the firey ache in the back and thighs. Or... all of it together.


I have found that walking helps. It doesn't necessarily bring relief, but it distracts me, and eventually I think I tire myself out (and tire out my contractions, too... eventually). I also try and break up the hours with "rotating" attempts to find relief. I'll try some stretches, try a bath, try a walk, try folding laundry, try some more stretches.... mix, match, repeat.


I have also started taking a benadryl here and there to try and get a little more sleep.


Hope some of this helps. Keep us posted. I'll be thinking of you.

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Count me in, too!  I haven't suffered as long as either of you, but its been wearing all the same.  My contractions really ramped up around 3a Wednesday morning.  They kept me awake through 5a.  I caught a nap but was up again at 6a.  The contractions overnight were the worst.  They dissipated through the day, but only in intensity.  Frequency and duration (very short, ~20s) remained the same. They are anywhere 4-30 mins apart, but rarely a consistent pattern.  I don't think these are "real" labor contractions.  I managed to grab lunch w/ a girlfriend and that proved a nice distraction.  I was still contracting through lunch, but I was less focused on timing and etc ...

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I don't know how you do it Sweet Huck.  I took the tylenol pm and got to sleep all day. I feel a thousand times better. 

I am just so close to the end. 40+5. I hope that since I am rested, my labor will progress. 

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I can commiserate with you as we'll. today I had ctx ALL DAY LONG. Enough to stop me from talking, in front of my HR OB, and everything and his only response was "if they are between 8-10 minutes go to local L&D and they will transfer you to us if there's a noticeable change in your cervix. I continued to contract about every 20 minutes until I took benedryl and laid in my bed this evening. I'm up now and in a warm Epsom salt bath because my lower abdomen and upper thighs are just throbbing/aching and its making me miserable. I even took 2 extra strength Tylenol about an hour ago. I did do round 1 of steroid shots today, in my hip, and although not having pain from that general area wonder if its causing this ache in the front maybe?!?

DH has to work 48 hours Thur/Fri and we have a fun filled long weekend planned with out of town family visiting (not staying with us) so I'm hoping this will keep my mind off my discomfort. I also REALLY want my legs shaved, like daily I want to shave them (totally not like me!!). Going to try and rest, hope you ladies are able to rest some too OR HAVE BABY's smile.gif
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I feel loads better today, too.  I managed to stack up 10 hours of sleep in 4 hour potty break intervals.  I need to savor and relish that b/c I don't think I'll see sleep like that again for years.  My body was clearly worn out.  Today I have a few contractions here and there but nothing to compare to yesterday's activity.

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I've had consistent BH almost since day one of my second trimester, but nothing that feels "serious" yet really. Baby has been hanging out LOA for almost every midwife visit for months now (she is really active and does shift around a bit between visits, but remarkably would always settle back into the LOA positions during my appointments.)


Well on Wednesday afternoon I had some fairly intense cramping in my lower left side. It started off just like a burning sensation on the one side but settled into a contraction-like pattern across my lower belly and sometimes extending into my back. It lasted for maybe 45 minutes, and then I went to yoga and the instructor had me doing some poses "to help settle down that uterus," which worked. But later that night I noticed that baby's butt wasn't on my left upper side as usual, and I was feeling kicks off to my right side, which is odd for us. I figured maybe she shifted to the right side for a bit. Midwife appointment yesterday, and at first she thought baby was still LOA but then confirmed that she had indeed shifted, but the midwife seemed uncertain of her exact positioning. Fundus is still measuring 2 weeks ahead (40cm @ 38 weeks) but midwife said that second babies don't necessarily drop like first-timers (though I don't recall DD dropping at all before labor. Probably because she was posterior.)


Anyhow, it kind of has me a bit concerned. I think I'm feeling legs along the top of my uterus, but I just can't seem to figure out her placement. With my first they did a late-3rd tri u/s but I don't think this practice does that unless they suspect breech. I know that posterior presentation means longer everything--longer pregnancy, longer labor, longer pushing stage--and I'm not looking forward to going through that again. I was thinking of dropping my weekly chiro sessions because we're getting low on funds and I wasn't entirely sure they were doing much, but now I'm thinking that wouldn't be a good idea.

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I feel loads better today, too.  I managed to stack up 10 hours of sleep in 4 hour potty break intervals.  I need to savor and relish that b/c I don't think I'll see sleep like that again for years.  My body was clearly worn out.  Today I have a few contractions here and there but nothing to compare to yesterday's activity.


I slept like a rock last night as well.  Not sure the number of hours but only up twice to pee even and feel refreshed this morning.  I'm going to sew some baby things even LOL


Kitteh, my little one shifted in the last few days as well, after being head down for many many weeks he's breech now but I'm not in your position and will be having my c section on Wed.  I do hope your little girl settles back down though and things being and don't drag out like you're thinking.  Maybe you should still consider the chiro?!

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