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Vaccine reactions in adult

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My poor neighbor.  She's going with her DH and 21mo to Haiti this July (his family is there) and her mother in law told her the whole fam needs to go to a clinic to get vaccinated prior to the trip.  It might not bother me so much but she just had a seizure a week ago while on vacation at Disney and about 6mos ago had Guillan Barre syndrom from causes unknown.  We're not incredibly close with them but our daughters do play and I just get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomache that she's going to have major complications based on what she's told me on how she reacts to meds.  I casually mentioned that were it me, I'd get titers done to check for exisiting immunity first.  Just pondering here.  She kind of knows we don't follow the full vax sched (when she thought her DD might have CP I RAN across the sttreet to expose mine just in case!) but we've never sat down and talked vaxes.

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Titers would be the way I'd go too. You've given her the info, hopefully she'll look into it! I've had a vaccine reaction as an adult to Tetanus. It was NO fun! 

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Have  you looked into the actual disease rate where you are going?  It might help to know what or if anything is going around or likely to develop, and how it would develop, incubation period, treatment for exposure, etc, etc...

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Emmy, it's not me travelling, otherwise I'd def go that route!  It's my neighbor, the only thing she mentioned was that someone in the fam over there (Haiti) has a baby who is very sick (didn't say what and I don't think the fam is saying either) so her mother in law wants her to get vaxxed to prepare I guess.  It's not the way I'd go, and heck if I had family not telling me what was going around I'd pass on the trip rather than take a chance.   Like I said, she's already had seizures and issues in the recent past and I just want to scream out "don't go!" or " don't do it!" but I know it's not my business per say so thus my casual convo with her about titers.  It sucks.  I really like them as neighbors, our daughters get along fabulously, but it's the elephant in the room syndrome - vaxing is just too taboo to touch.  I know she has some sort of autoimmune as well and I can't think of the name right now but I looked it up when she told me and it just screams out "don't vax" when I was reading about it.  So stuck biting my lip, fingers crossed that she makes the next move and perhaps asks me about titering which would make it easier to open up a convo about vaxxing.  Until then I REALLY hope she does fine and her daughter as well.

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I would bring it up in a round about way, "oh so and so was just telling me about someone else who had GB right after a vaccination" and just word it to her "funny" - play real dumb - like:


"WOW, isn't your Dr concerned about you getting vaccinated because of your Gillian Barre?" "Aren't you putting yourself at high risk because they don't know what caused it to occur in you- IF it was me I would be really worried- good luck I hear you can get GB again."


Maybe try and push for it now so if she does react she is still near her Dr not leaving the next week.



Really play it up like you are shocked and hopefully she will ask her Dr if it's right for her.

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