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Ergo or another wrap?

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So far in my baby wearing collection I have a 5.6 meter woven wrap




and hand me down "sling' that kind of looks like this (not sure the brand)




Its just a closed piece of fabric that you put over your shoulder my SIL used when my nephew was a baby. She also let me borrow a baby bjorn that looks like this





I want to get something else because I really don't like the look/feel of the baby bjorn. it's too rigid for me and doesn't look comfortable at all. I'm considering getting another wrap thats specific for summer (LO is going to be born in July). Maybe something like a balibreeze? Or possible an ergo because that seems better for easy on and off and when other people want to wear her. Also, I heard a rumor that ergos can go up to something redic like 60lbs or something... but the website says 40lbs.


Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm 5'4 with a slim build (when I'm not 7 months preg. at least) and my husband is 5'11 also with a slim build.


edit: Also, what do you like more the ergo or the boba? I'd like one that is good for both newborns and toddlers.

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I have the Ergo and loved it for newborn on up. I still carry my now almost 2 yo n my back in it. I don't have any experience with the Boba though! 

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Do you think an ergo with the infant insert would be too hot for a summer baby? It gets to be around 90s here. 

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Sounds similar to summers here and my babe was born end of June and I had a black ergo! I didn't find it too hot personally. 

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Have you thought of a Manduca?



It's a bit more expensive then the ergo but it has a build in infant insert. A lot of mom's I've talked to love it.

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Eh that's a bit over my budget. One of the things I love about Ergo is that there is a plethora of them on ebay that go for a little over half priced :)

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DH loved the Ergo for DD- we haven't used it for DS yet. I am larger and find my older ergo uncomfortable. I have used a boba air on a toddler and that was nice.

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I love using a wrap-style carrier with newborns.  You can tie it and position the newborn so that they have a lot of head support.  I used a moby wrap with my son until he was about 4 months old and he easily fell asleep in the wrap.  After 4 months I switched to the ergo, and we still use it occasionally at 2.5 years.  

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My DD was born last July. I used the Moby until 8 months, now we have the Action Baby Carrier and I LOVE it. It is affordable and fits me better than Ergo or Boba. It is also not as heavy and since I waited till she was over 15lbs I bought the toddler size which goes to 35#. FYI I bought my Moby second hand for $10, you don't have to spend the $ for new with the Moby in my opinion. Save your $ for a really good toddler carrier smile.gif.
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Have you Googled for a local babywearing group? I would recommend you try to make a meeting so you can touch and try a variety of carriers. Then make a more informed decision. For some smaller people an Ergo maybe to big. There are also DIY wrap idea and how to forums on Thebabywearer.com

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I finally gave in and got an Ergo for my third baby.  I, um... don't love it.  My husband does, thankfully, but I'm still using my Babyhawk that I used for both my other kids.  With my first, I also used a Moby until I discovered the Babyhawk when he was about three months old.  The Babyhawk can be used from newborn stage on, so I never used the Moby from my second child onwards.  I just ordered a new Babyhawk last month, in fact, because after years of daily use, it finally got a little tear.  I will keep that carrier forever, hang it on the wall or something lol.  I've tried almost every type of carrier on the market and I just keep going back to the BH (and the Toddlerhawk for when they get older).  No, I don't get paid by them to sing their praises, but Lord knows I do, lol.  I think it's a personal thing, try a lot until you find THE ONE for you.  Maybe go to a store that has several in stock, or a babywearing group meeting.

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