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Selling Books

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We are getting ready to move into a house from an apartment. I've been on the unload and simplify track for about a year now, so the move isn't as stressful as I would have imagined. ( I have a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old.) I still have a lot of books from the move into our apartment. We're planning to haul a lot of clothes and household stuff to a flea market this weekend. Does anyone have experience selling books? What's a good approach in that setting to sell them? Looking for ideas...

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I have lots to sell too...so subscribing!  


If they are motherhood/parenting related there is the Trading Post here at Mothering. 

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In a flea market:


1) Price to sell

 - I usually have one price for hard-covers and one price for paperbacks and offer marked discounts for bulk purchase (e.g. 1 dollar for hard-covers & 2 dollars for 3; paper backs 50 cents each, 3 for a dollar)


2) Put similar books together (sci-fi w/ sci-fi; cookbooks w/ cook-books; etc.)


3) Offer book advisory

"Want a book, what type of thing do you like to read"?  and try to match to your stock.This can be hard when selling a book that you're getting rid of because you didn't like it that much. But remember that people all have different taste.


4) Display in an attractive way - have a cloth on the table, have the spine title facing the same way, or if displaying full-face, make it easy to flip through them.


If selling to a used bookstore

 1) Call ahead and describe what you have

2) Ask if they have a convenient way to dispose of books they do not want


It's hard to sell used books to used book stores. It might be easier to call Goodwill and or your local library and see if they take donations. Also, some prisoners' friends societies (books for people in prison or jail)

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I put them on half.com. I only listed the books that would sell for at least $4. I've sold about one a week.
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Traditionally, we haul them to the used bookstore, usually at least five boxes at a time, then haul the rejects (usually two or three boxes)  to the library book sale. We could, of course, run the rejects around all five local used bookstores, but it's just not worth it.

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