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I was going to say that MaPa is one term I recently heard used for the first time. Seems like a good idea.
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Oh, neat, Pokey! I'll let DP know... Heh heh... Though I'm not sure if she'll be pleased or annoyed that it's already in use...

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I know the original question was for transgender "dad" type names, but instead of starting a new thread, I figured I'd jump in here. My partner and I are Mom/Mommy and Mama. At least, that's what we're planning on. The older girls just call me Coco. We are starting to use baby sign language with our 3 month old, and so now we are debating what signs to use for each of us. Neither of us really want to use the "Dad" sign. Any ideas? One idea is "mom" and "milk mom," but that might be confusing because "milk" is one of the first signs we're teaching. Not a big problem, but if ya'll have any ideas, or if any of you momma couples have used baby sign language, let me know :)

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You could do right cheek for 'mama' and left cheek for 'mommy.' Or do the gesture (outspread fingers, aka "5" hand, thumb touches cheek) but to your heart instead?
We used the 'papa' sign for 'baba' ... Same as 'mama' but thumb touches right temple.
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nice suggestions. I thought that Mom was with the thumb on your chin...switching cheeks might be good, but I wonder how well baby could remember right from left. I like having the one be on your heart instead. Milk Mom is funny, but like I said, might get confusing.

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(btw, can i say how exciting it is to see so many of you casually mentioning, in passing, the use of baby signs?!! i studied a bit of linguistics & ASL & in that context learned that babies can use language super young, as evidenced by the babies in deaf households. when we decided to have a baby, i bought a huge stack of books, one about baby signing, and though i haven't cracked it open yet, i keep wondering to myself when we should start building our vocabulary. now i know for sure – though i'm not surprised at all – that there are peeps in here to nerd out about it with. going to look for those topics now, yay!)
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I figure we'll just use the two baby signs. The signs aren't that widely used, so most other people won't recognize the gendered nature of it. If you know a lot of people who use baby signs- I can certainly understand avoiding the one for "dad" in that situation.

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Mama and baba are easy to pronounce from pretty young, so we stuck with signs for other things.
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It did seem like mama/baba/dada/papa were all pretty easy things to learn to say and would probably be learned quite early, so signs for them didn't seem to make much sense to me. We're still too young for baby signs or talking, though. So I wasn't sure.

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It's all good. They pick up language so quickly that teaching more signs seems great, too. I never had a problem knowing who my babes wanted.
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