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Didymos users?

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I'm debating buying one, but am not a super experienced babywearer (just have used the Moby and the Ergo with 1st child).  I have a 2 month old and am very interested in the option of back-wearing, especially with a newborn which I didn't think was possible! But I have a few concerns, especially since the Didymos is $$$.


So far I use the Moby multiple times a day with my newborn but she catnaps so it is a constant in-and-out. However, I love the thought of her being able to look over my shoulder at this age...she loves for me to walk her around but she wants to see everything already. She falls asleep with me just holding her, looking around, but obviously I get tired and I can't get anything done that way.


So I think she might like it-  but, I'm wondering, in the summer, are they hot? Also, what size would you recommend? Would a size 5 or 6 be too long and cumbersome for a newborn carry? Would a smaller size be too limiting as she gets older? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

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Didymos Waves are wonderful as it is an airy weave. A size 6 typically will offer a variety of different carries. If you are a very petite person a size can be a very good option. 

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For a cool summer wrap go for a didymos in a linen blend, a size 6 is the best size to go with, as it gives you a huge variety of carrier to do, where as a smaller size will definitely be more limiting.
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i recently bought a dydimos wrap jacqurard, which is beautiful but i think its pretty hot for hot summer weather...its beautiful though looks great too...as for the size, i made a mistake and bought a size 7 because of my tall husband who never uses the wrap, which was huge and i am thinkig the best thing is to shorten it a bit.

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