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good luck mamas!

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i'm thinking we'll start having some births soon--if we haven't already (thinking of you cinderalla08)...so just wanted to wish everyone a good luck and easy labor vibes....hoping we all hear wonderful birth stories of healthy babes soon!!!

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Tenk's baby will be here in less than a week! Someone needs to start a July DDC baby thread.
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YES!!!  My guy will be here in 5 days :) if not sooner ... today I've had faint pink spotting on the TP (only once though) and lots of lower back pain, lower abdominal cramping, and my upper thighs are just throbbing, random contractions today.  yesterday I was having them about 20-35 minutes apart ALL DAY LONG but my cervix hasn't changed at all.  I was told to go in if they get as close as 8-10 minutes since I really shouldn't be laboring at all.  We'll see what happens.  A tropical storm is on it's way in this afternoon/evening and the changing of the pressure could make this worse but I'd really like to make it to Wednesday even if I am SUPER uncomfortable.

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Wow! So exciting, Tenk! Can't wait for you to post your birth story. :) 

Hoping cinderella checks in soon - anxious to hear how she's doing...

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Tenk, I wonder if you should let your provider know you had bloody show? Don't know if it makes a difference, but just a thought. Exciting that you'll have your baby soon! :) We do need a baby welcome thread. I think Kalista has really had her hands too full to fill the roll, so any volunteers are likely welcome. 


Thread examples from other groups I peaked in on are "signs of impending labor" and July DDC babies (like previously suggested.) Could do links to birth stories and announcements too. I won't volunteer because I don't think I'll have time to keep it up once I have my baby and I'm due in the beginning of the month. But, if anyone is so inclined. :)

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couldn't the other group leader start it?

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Originally Posted by rainbownurse View Post

couldn't the other group leader start it?


There originally were 2 group leaders as required for starting a group - one of them had a first trimester miscarriage. Cynthia Mosher(listed as other group leader now) is one of the major moderators and takes care of all the groups, but is not even pregnant I don't think and would not be starting any threads for us, but would be the one to contact if you want a thread "stickied."

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I feel totally ok though, although we are experiencing Tropical Storm Andrea (or whatever) and the pressure changes usually bring babies. It was super light/faint and if I didn't check the TP like a mad man I wouldn't have even noticed it. I did have it again this afternoon when we stopped at the fire station to see hubs but again super faint and hadn't happened since this AM. I'm not even sure they would consider this "bloody show". I did get my 2nd lung maturing shot though. And I'm still feeling low dull achieness and having sporadic painful ctx but nothing has become regular by any stretch of the word. DH has DEMANDED this baby stay in until Wed so he can optimize his days home but I politely reminded him it is totally out of my control at this point.
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