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DTaP in 3rd trimester

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So on facebook I'm embroiled in this lovely conversation about vaxes.  (ugh!  I'm playing nice though)  Anyhow made me think about when my OB said that a new protocol is to give women a DTaP in their third trimester to give the baby a boost.  She also told me it's not required, which is funny, I told her nothing is required, except for the baby to be born.  Good thing we have a good rapport!  

Anyhow, is it just here in CA or is everyone getting this recommendation?

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I am in GA, and I have not heard about this....yet. If offered, I would definitely say "thanks but no thanks."

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Havent heard of it yet, I'm in Texas. My midwife would t offer likely but I'm interested to see if my liners get offered this.
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I've never heard of it here in NJ either.  I doubt my midwives would offer it.

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It is the emerging standard of care, & it isn't DTaP, it is TDaP. It will be offered postnatally too (if you don't accept it prenatally). It is IMO about trying to compensate for a less than effective vax with more and more and more doses. My son had a severe neuro reaction to DTaP (alone) @ 3 months, you won't catch me getting it prenatally.


It depends on your Vax beliefs & circumstances whether or not to accept the post-natal dose.

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Its a marketing ploy, trying to sell more of the vax, imo.  Our radio is constantly playing ads asking people if they need the vax (ever go near kids? older people? breathing people? yuup, you need it!), and its the dumbest thing I ever heard.  I understand the arguments for vaccinating, but really, this Tdap thing is going too far.  I got the TDaP postnatally (3 months post natally) because I needed the ten year tetnus booster, I won't be getting it again for another ten years. 

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I was told it was recommended that I get the TDaP prenatally as well last week here in Michigan. That along with the flu shot, which the last time I had one, I got really sick for a week right afterward. DH is pro-vax and I am more selective, delayed vax. We will see what happens.
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I was also told to get these vax. I'm going to pass though.
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I had a booster of that two years ago, and I expect to get the next eight years from now.  I would like my husband to get his booster, as he hasn't had one since high school and I do want more protection against pertussis, but I am really not comfortable with vaccines in pregnancy.

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My understanding is that adult immunity to pertussis is fairly low, because the childhood vaccine needs a booster, and adults generally don't get vaccines.  So this is part of a general push to get everyone the TdaP booster.  I know opinions lean anti, on this board to vaccines, but we did opt to get the Tdap when  my son was an infant.  I think I would be cautious to do it while pregnant, though.  

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Unlike most adult vaxes, Tdap by Sanofi (have not checked any others) IS mercury free, so it isn't a big deal if you are BF, IMO. PP is right, adult immunity to Pertussis is low, I would add it is not just because of lack of boosters but also because aP vax, while less reactive than traditional P vax (as in the old DTP) is just not that effective.

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I was offered with my last pregnancy and declined. Pertussis is the one disease that makes me question our decision not to vax. And then the people and kids that I have heard about getting it have been vax'ed, so then I think we are doomed either way.
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I did get a booster a few years ago, but my OB said that I'll still be offered this one to give the baby a boost before s/he's born.  

I think I'll decline. 

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I recieved it AFTER my twins were born 3 yrs ago (the day they were born). I see no need for me to get another one. I do vax my children and will get the flu shot this year... to protect my child with cardiac issues (a minor illness lands him in the hospital).
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In Washington State, there's a huge whooping cough epidemic and I've seen several newborns hospitalized in serious condition with it. You might want to check and see if there's an epidemic in your area, or if you are planning on traveling somewhere like Washington, before deciding the vaccinate. The one they give pregnant moms is thimerosol free.

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I'm in WA state but I'll still decline this vaccine. Dr. Sears provides some good information on his facebook page about this new recommendation: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=116317855073374&story_fbid=471831589521997 Given that there have been no studies showing that the vaccine actually protects a newborn nor the safety of receiving the vaccine for the mother, it's just not something I'm comfortable with.

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Is that epidemic ongoing? My hesitation is that it IS cyclical & I have not heard of a lot of cases lately.
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I was just "offered" this at one of my last appointments. I declined until I could do more research. I did and it was really inconclusive. The vaccine for adults seems fine, but there's not a lot of information on the impact on the baby during this third trimester. I just saw another midwife (at the same practice) last week, who said that she doesn't recommend it because there are still too many questions. She told us that this is a CDC recommendation that has just been around for about a year, so there really hasn't been very much info about the impact. It is something that can be a good idea for dads or other adults who are going to be around the newborn a lot. And it is something that I can do after the baby is born. So, that's ultimately what we decided to do. 

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Originally Posted by millerin View Post

It is something that can be a good idea for dads or other adults who are going to be around the newborn a lot. And it is something that I can do after the baby is born. So, that's ultimately what we decided to do. 

This is what my midwife said. The idea is more that those around the baby be vaccinated to prevent the baby from getting it, not that the vaccine actually transfers to baby in utero. 


She also said that here in WA, there have 2 newborns die from pertussis this year. And while I know that it would be devastating to lose your newborn, that's only 0.002% of all the babies born in WA last year. To me that's not worth the unknown risks of receiving the vax while pregnant. If I was really worried about it, I'd rather make sure those in my household (DP and kids) are up-to-date on their vax. 

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The whole idea of it *is* that the Vax transfers to the baby in Utero. I am not 100% sure to what extent & I am *very* torn on it myself (see my thread in Vax Debate) (I have concluded tho that Adacel is superior to Boostrix tho) but every position paper on it I have read compares it to cocooning overtly & cites antibody transfer as the reason.
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