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I ended up getting the vaccine my last appointment because I have never been vaccinated before and there have been over 900 cases of pertussis in Oregon since 2012. I am selective/delayed vax with my family but this was something I did not want to risk. My husband works as a diesel mechanic and his day to day interactions are with clientele that bring all sorts of illnesses/germs from 48 states into his shop. We are also getting the flu shot for the whole family. I did not get the flu shot while pregnant with DS, but he was also not going to be born in the middle of flu season. With a high possibility that these girls are going to be delivered early, I want to take all of the precautions that I can to make sure they are protected. Of course, hand washing, hibernating and limiting visitors is something we will do as well.

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Yes, that's exactly why we got the flu shot for everyone this year too...normally only my DH gets it, as he works with the public, but this year everyone is in a different school/preschool/job, and I don't want anyone bringing the flu home!
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I got the flu shot already, and am getting the Tdap at my next appointment- I asked for it, because where I live there are multiple outbreaks of pertussis every winter (my mother's parish last year had three!) I'm not usually the over-cautious type, but my h is a school teacher, so he will be around the little flu-carriers all winter, and we are bringing a newborn into the height of sick-season. Also, newborns don't usually register pertussis with the tell-tale cough- they can seem like they just have a little cold, and there is very little that a hospital can do for their tiny respiratory systems once they have it (and its really hard to diagnose). So I want to minimize risk, both for nasty flu and whooping cough. I'm also asking our family to get their boosters, as they will all be here for Christmas season holding and kissing the wee man! 

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