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4 & 1/2 weeks bloated

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Hi there,


I'm reading that the early pregnancy bloating is common so that reassures me some. I look 3 mos preg and most of my clothes wont fit.  I worried at first but now at least I realize its probably due to all that is going on inside right now in preparation.


But if anyone has first hand accounts of being quite bloated in early pregnancy like between 4 - 6 weeks and went on to have a healthy happy little noodle,  I'd love to hear it.  


I of course admit to being a worrier, and just really want to hear others who have experienced the same thing and be able to relax and let it go. I can't believe I already had to buy a few dresses that are loosey-goosey in the stomach so I can get a little relief from my pants! horrors.gif

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I had a lot of bloating with my first. I remember wanting to take a "before" belly shot and realizing it was already too late because I already felt like I was showing. Actually, when I look back at my measurements from my first pregnancy, I see that my stomach expanded quickly at first. I was into yoga pants pretty quickly and was in maternity clothes by week 12. Most people knew had much more time in their regular clothes.
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Thanks for sharing Sukhada! Exactly! My husband was all cute and said hey - lets start taking pictures now and do it every day into one of those progression videos!! I said well I'd love to but I already LOOK 3 mos!
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I started getting pretty intense bloating early on, at like 6-8 weeks.  My belly was big and rock hard.  People kept rubbing it and I practically wanted to tell them, Yeah, that's not baby, it's just gas....as soon as you leave and I can fart freely it will go down.  It was interesting, cause I wouldn't be "showing" in the mornings but as the day progressed and I ate my meals, by the end of the day I would have a big hard belly.  I also had horrible, horrible gas along with the bloat.  No one ever told me that was a pregnancy symptom, but I quickly learned it was quite normal.

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lilmamita yes same here! ooof! ive been sneaking em out left and right and then i have a geranium aromatherapy spray to cover it up! people keep walking in saying oh it smells so good in here, haha if only they knew....just call me windy. thankfully nobody has rubbed my belly! eesh! also same regarding time of day. starts off when i lift the sheets in the morning like oh HEY there's my flat belly! and then within two hours i blossom.
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Oh yeah! I had lots of bloating from early on. It got worse throughout the day. Seems totally normal. Good luck!
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pokeyAC, Thanks! I'm getting used to it now. I bought some really loose dresses and now I'm a bit more comfy during day.  

I see you are due anytime?? Yay! You must be getting excited!

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Yes! Today is my last day at work. I am really looking forward to being home with my family. Enjoy your pregnancy! It's a fun exciting ride.
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I noticed the bloating before I even knew I was pregnant, as in I must have been only 1-2 weeks along. I was on a climbing trip with girlfriends and there was a little teasing going on because I kept needing to loosen my harness. Went on to deliver two healthy baby girls. I'd say by the time the bloating went away around 3 months I started to actually show. You will notice a lot of changes with your digestive system over the next year. Remember it's all temporary. My maternity shirts are now cute swimsuit cover-ups and tunics. Maxi dresses are great cause they can take you all the way through your pregnancy and straight into breastfeeding with comfort. Enjoy!

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I have been bloated since about a week after the implantation bleeding stopped. It was one of the things that told me I should take a second test (first test was very early, and negative). I gained that water weight around four-five weeks (2-3 weeks dpo) and it hasn't gone anywhere. I'm now home to a happily ticking little 17-week jumping bean, along with the bloating. I'm actually looking forward to showing more, because maternity clothes don't look right yet, and regular clothes have been snug since before I got my positive test. I also went from a 32DD to a 32FF/G in the last two months. The random mid expansion when baby is still the size of a grape is not the fun part of expecting, but it's not rare.


Take care!!


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Thank you mommabear & M.Q.  


Today I am 5 weeks. Still bloated but a slight bit of relief! But in the shower, when I just let it all hang out by days end ummm BOOM look 3 mos preg.  Tee hee.  


I'm embracing it and trying to do my best to stop worrying about all these little things. Note TRYING to do my best, lol.  I just posted about Frontline skin contact yesterday and now I'm thinking/hoping I'm probably fine but what good is stressing about it going to do? My DH said the sweetest thing as a reminder to why we married. He pointed to his heart and said I love you for this not for the outside well...but.. I still think you look hot. I burst out crying as it was just what I needed to hear.  So here's to bloating however big I get as long as baby is safe and happy in there!


mommabear - did you suspect twins at all or was it a complete suprise?

M.Q. holy cup size!! Wowsa! I'm a full B (the left one is trying to make a break to become a C though!, lol) but I can't even imagine going up that much!  Also my clothes were snug too before positive test, right in the thighs and lower abdomen. Oy!

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