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Hello All!


EDD: Feb 13th

1st pregnancy and I'm 37 years old

My guess: boy

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Hi Andysgal,


I'm also 37 expecting our first:)

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hey I'm 37 and pg with my first too!
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Wow-we are many:) I go in for the bloodwork/ultrasound genetic test next week.


How are you ladies feeling?

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Good Afternoon Mommas!


EDD: Feb 11th

I'll be 29 in 15 days and this is my 1st pregnancy

My guess: Girl

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EDD 2/10/14


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hi ladies, sorry to say that I had an empty sac on my ultrasound today... so it looks like I'm going to miscarry. I'm very sad greensad.gif I was looking forward to this journey with all of you!
blessings and love to you all!
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Big hugs, Holliet. I'm so sorry. :(

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So sorry Holliet. greensad.gif
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Tentatively poking my head in here. I'm now nearly 9 weeks pregnant. This will be (fingers crossed) first child, third pregnancy. We've had two miscarriages and used IVF to conceive this time after being diagnosed with a complete bilateral tubal obstruction. 


Unlike the last two pregnancies we've had lots of early ultrasounds and we've had the heart beat and fetal poll score text book perfect at 6 weeks and 8/9 weeks this time so we're really hoping this one works out. 


EDD: Feb 16, 2014

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so sad to share that i had a miscarriage this morning at 10 weeks. please take me off the list for feb 8th. i enjoyed being part of the group, thanks ladies. 

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I'm so sorry to hear this jesepumpkin. I hope you are surrounded by love and support.
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Oh, Jesepumpkin. I'm so very sorry. greensad.gif
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So last month, on June 27th I went to be the doula for my sister-in-law.  It was awesome.  She had a perfect, healthy baby boy.  That night going home I got into a car accident.  I was rear-ended.  I went in the following day for a sono, just to "make sure everything was ok" and the baby was perfectly sized (8 weeks 4 days) but had no heartbeat.  A follow-up sono last week confirmed that the baby has no heartbeat and has not grown since the first sono.


This was my fourth pregnancy, but my first loss.  I have taken it for granted that I get pregnant easily, and I carry easily, and I deliver easily.  I am still waiting for this baby to leave me physically.  A missed miscarriage, I've learned, is what it's called.  We're pretty crushed. 


I'll be thinking of you ladies, wishing I was there.  I'm told it's too early to decide, but I don't think I want to have another baby.  This was my fourth child.  I am so sad that he or she won't get to be with me, but I don't think I want a fifth.  Good luck everyone.  Enjoy it!

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Ladies, I am so sorry to read of your recent losses. I wish you peace and love during these hard times. *hugs*
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I'm so sorry alexisfaye, holliet, and jesepumpkin hug2.gif

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I'm so sorry alexisfaye. That is so sad. 

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Hello all!  I hope its not too late to join.  I wanted to wait until I was this far along (about 12 weeks) to join a DD Club.  :)  And here I am.


I'm a first time mom-to-be from the near north Chicago suburban area.  I'm married to a wonderful and supportive man.  I work as a fitness instructor - which I love!  And I hope to continue working out and teaching all my classes as long as I can into my pregnancy.  I love marathoning and distance running - although all the first trimester nausea and fatigue have really put a damper on things!


Let's see... as far as this baby goes I'm planning on a natural hospital birth (although I'm a bit apprehensive about the hospital setting - my health insurance will not cover home birth or a midwife) and will probably hire a doula.  In fact if you know any bilingual (english-spanish) doulas in the Chicago area - please pass it along! :)  I'm also planning on cloth diapering, breastfeeding and giving co-sleeping a try.  I'm also really big on not gendering my child's upbringing.  I'm a bigtime feminist and cannot wait to raise a non-sexist/racist/homophobic child :) Yay!


I'm currently at that awkward "beer belly" stage when it looks like I've just been eating a bit too much.  Lol.  So, that's a little bit about me!  I'm excited to be a part of this group. Glad to get to know you all as well :)

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Welcome to all the new mama's! list updated to here.

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I have been very quiet here. Its been hard to find the time with two others on top of feeling yucky. But, at 12 weeks im so grateful to be feeling better!! I got the results of the maternit21 back and i tested negative, rhsnk goodness!!! And found out were having another boy! We'll have two boys and a girl! Blessings to each of you! smile.gif
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