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Hi Everyone,

My EDD is Feb. 10

2nd child

No guess on sex yet.  First was a boy and I knew it all along even though we didn't actually find out :)  Maybe intuition will kick in soon :)

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Had my second appointment yesterday. I was 10w 1Day and baby was measuring a full week ahead! It was huge! My dr was very surprised. Also baby's bpm was 155 at 7 weeks but yesterday it was 180! I've never had that happen before. I'm totally getting girl vibes. It was flipping around and I saw arms legs feet and hands. Even a little profile smile.gif
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Hey everyone, I'm out. Ultrasound yesterday revealed that bub has no heartbeat. Going in for a D&C on Tuesday.


Sucks, a lot, but these things happen. Sigh.

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I'm so sorry to hear this KM84.
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I'm so sorry, KM84.  hug2.gif

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So sorry KM. Take care of yourself...
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So sorry, KM84. May you find peace on your healing journey.
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My due date is February 25. This is my second child. I have a two year old girl and this pregnancy, so far, has been so similar I am pretty sure this is another girl.

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My EDD is Feb. 26th and this will be my first. My mom, DP and I are all crossing our fingers for twins (my mom is fraternal and I'm an identical), but we are also thinking it'll be a girl either way.

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hey ladies... after a bit of a roller coaster ride.... from thinking i had another blighted ovum (mc july 2011)  because ultrasound showed no baby...to going in again two weeks later and seeing a baby and a heartbeat! ....i'm back in the game! yay! and she changed my due date to feb 21! so please add me back to the roster. thanks! glad to be back!!

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My estimated due date is 2/12, this will be my first babe, and my intuition (along with my mother-in-law's intuition and all of those very scientific old wives' tales ;-)) says it's a boy - wont know 'til s/he is born, though!

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Glad to have you back Holliet! Congratulations!

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EDD Feb 12th, third baby, DS is almost 9, DD is almost 7

gender guess boy.



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Yay holliet!!! Congrats!
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Amazing news holliet! Big congrats and welcome back smile.gif I can't imagine what a wonderful surprise that must have been!
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Welcome back holliet! joy.gif

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thank you!! yes, its been quite a rollercoaster ride!

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Yay Holliet! Wonderful news!
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Hello all!!  I am jumping into the larger forum!  This is my 2nd pregnancy, 1st baby.  We finally heard a HB today!  I also have a DSS (8), who is with us now, and a DSD (11) who we haven't seen in a year and a half (complicated!).


EDD is Feb 20th


I am guessing girl, but we probably won't find out until birth.

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My due date is February 15 and this is my second child.  

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