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Hello to all you wonderful ladies!


EDD:  February 23

2nd child, I have a daughter who is 3.

Not making any guesses on gender right now....

just hoping for a healthy baby.  Severe HELLP with birth of daughter and hoping for no

complications.  My dream is a natural VBAC.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Going in for my

first appointment on July 1.



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Welcome to the group, everyone!

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EDD-- february 22

this will be our first, long-awaited child

my gut feeling about sex is boy, and i think odds for boys are slightly higher when using frozen donor sperm (which we did)

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congrats ladybird05 & breadandcoffee, welcome! joy.gif

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EDD: 2/4/14. 2nd pregnancy DD1 is almost 3
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Expecting my first! EDD if Feb 15, and we definitely think its a boy!!

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EDD: 2/18/14

Third Child

Guess: Girl

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EDD Feb 4th

2nd Child  (4 year old girl)

Guess: Girl

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Hi a951queen: we share the same due date and I also have a 4 year old daughter!  I also have a 7 year old son.

Congrats to you!

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Went to my first appointment. Bean looks great. Measuring a day ahead.
155 beats per min. smile.gif
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Hello! I am due with my second child Feb 10. My first child is almost 4!

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Hi! I am due with my third Feb baby. I have a 4year old DS born Feb 2009 and a 2yr old DS born Feb 2011. This baby is due Feb 6, 2014. No guesses on gender.
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Hi all! This is our second pregnancy-- first one was through IVF--ended in mc at 6 weeks--blighted ovum--2 years ago almost to the week! This pregnancy happened by surprise with no medical intervention after 9 years of trying-- A miracle pregnancy for us!
My DH and I have been together 14 years. I'm a preschool teacher and love it!
My EDD is Feb 24. Hoping to hold a healthy beautiful baby in my arms!
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This is our first, we're very excited!  My EDD is 2/19/14.  I'm excited to be a member of a group of women in the same boat, thanks!

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Feb 28/Mar 1

2nd child

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Just found out I'm pregnant with my second, due date around 2/28 although I haven't been keeping good track of my cycles so I'm not sure. 

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Congrats and welcome to all the new mommas who are joining. the list has been updated to here. Sorry for the delay in updating. I have been so very tired lately. I don't remember being this tired with my first.

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Due Date Feb 4

Guess- Boy

Number 3 for us!!!

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due feb 5, third baby

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Due Date Feb. 22

Expecting our first

Have a strong gut feeling it's a girl 

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