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Shameless Baby Pictures - For June DDC Babies!!! - Page 16

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Love looking at all the chunky monkeys:) Lydia Jude is growing so fast i want to cry. She will never be this small again:(
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. Here's Camden about a week ago smile.gif
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. And just now smile.gif he's started losing at that beautiful dark hair he was born with.
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Oh Tenk that little man is so cute even with less hair than he had last week.thumb.gif  That tongue is to die for! What a cheeky little guy.

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Cutey Quest
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Smiling pictures are so fun!

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And I love it when babes find their tongues... It's precious (and bittersweet) to watch them discover new things. Love the tongue shot of Camden :-)
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I know, so sweet!! Shanna, Berkley is adorable and looks just like you!!
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Hi there Quest! Great tongue you got there!!      Baby tongues everywhere!!


Once again, love the tiedye Shanna-cat! Are you making theses yourself?

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I regularly babysit a nearly 18mo old and last night I got a shot of her lying next to my ginormous 2mo old


I call this one BABY HULK SMASH


And one of Amelia in the MeiTai


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jaw2.gifWow an 18th month old seriously?!!  What are you feeding her kitteh? lol.gif  


Love the Mei Tai wraps, they're so pretty!

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I think the 18 month old might be on the smaller side of normal for her age. But yeah, My squish is freakishly large, LOL. DH says I'm a good dairy cow.
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 I was finally able to get a smile, forgive all the  mess in the background


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Omg what a little charmer! Dimples!
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Here is Holly content after her breakfast.

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Love the neon. what a cutie!

Amelia having tummy time.
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My little cutie on his potty smile.gif Don't mind the dirty mirror - DD was trying to draw a mustache on him smile.gif
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Lol I was trying to figure out what the tentacles growing out of his head were all about, and if they somehow had something to do with his amazing ability to sit upright on his potty, apparently with no assistance from mama. The boy's grown roots!
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