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Shameless Baby Pictures - For June DDC Babies!!! - Page 20

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LOL jnajla!


What a handsome little man!

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Aww!! He's so sweet!! Camden has no desire to lay on his tummy or hold his head up when doing tummy time. Oh well, in time!!!
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Oh how sweet! I love the one where she is eating the flower. smile.gif so cute.
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Ahaha, the eating-the-flower shot is awesome. She looks mad at it! So cute.
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She's got this "put-everything-in-my-mouth" attitude and can be very vocal about it sometimes!

She was very mad at the flower.

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Amadora Charlotte.

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What a beautiful smile that girl has! :love

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Thank you smile.gif her smile warms my heart! She is a very happy baby.
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OMG you guys!!!! So cute!
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Bumkins, I love seeing another baby with the mid-forearm rolls. Someone recently called it "smuggling rubberbands" and that's totally what it looks like! LOL.

Here are my two Sleepyhead girls, right before bed.
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Kitteh, your girls are beautiful! They look so much alike :)  Smuggling rubberbands!!! :lol   So true!

She's got as many dimples in her rear as I do!  And these 'hams' on the back of her legs too! I can't believe how much she's packing.

Maybe I need to skim the cream off my milk!

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Oh my goodness, what sweetness!  I love seeing all the munchkins!  I'll have to find time to get a couple pics on here too.


: )

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We love our toes!!

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SO cute. :) Ama is all about her toes right now, too. Particularly the toes on her right foot. Lol.

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Ah! SOOOOO  sweet!!!  Adorable toes your little man has Shanna.

Trilly has no interest in her toes... could be because she can't lift her leg high enough to see/play with them...her rolls keep getting in her way.:wink

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ok so this is Jude at slmost 4 months...the first..her sitting up by herself for alnost 5 min...the second mommy-daddy photo shoot with bunny...the third an outing after our family went tye dye crazy on all our clothes.....i love being a mommy
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Sweet, lilmojo! And nice job sittin up, Jude! :) So cute.

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Cute!! Easton hasn't discovered his toes yet, still waiting smile.gif
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Ok, I keep seeing the monthly baby photos on Facebook and I'm always a little sad that i didn't think to do them for my girls. Especially the ones where theywrite what milestones baby is hitting at each month, I should've done that! now Amelia just turned 4 months old, so I guess it's not too late to start, but seriously when I think about it too much I get really, irrationally sad that I didn't do anything like that for Ela, and that I missed out on doing it for the first 3 months with Amelia.
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