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Don't feel bad Kitteh- I'm a photographer and I don't even have time to take photos of my own baby!  I keep promising that I will start taking more photos and I don't.....   

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Omg Kitteh, I can totally relate! Ah well. Silly social media.
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I bought an iPhone mostly so I could take pictures of my baby. I had been resisting, but I finally broke down. Now I love it! I will post a photo later when I am home. I love the babies who are smuggling rubberbands! Unfortunately, my baby is not that chunky. greensad.gif
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Camden dressed up as a Fire Fighter (daddy's profession).
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Happy HP as Harry Potter
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Love the costumed babies!


Here's Miss Layla in her baby cow costume (even though I'm pretty sure I'm the cow in this relationship....)


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My little toe sucker will be 5 months tomorrow!! And...she is quite mobile:). She is almost a speedy crawler. When there's something she wants she will get it!

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What a cute baby cow! And I love the toe sucking! Amelia hasnt really discovered her feet yet. Can't wait til she does, it's so cute.

We sometimes call her Baby Gorilla, and here she is actually looking like one! Lol
my little Silverback.
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I am in awe of these babies that are moving around or up and rocking!!! Camden isn't even close smile.gif
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Lucky you!

My brother told me that if Ame gets any ideas about walking early, i should "sweep the leg" ala Karate Kid. I think he's on to something!
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Haha, sweep the leg. I'm laughing but holy that's mean. I'm totally not judging, just imagining doing that to one if my kids then feeling guilty for doing it LMAO!! I have a half brother, 12 years younger, I used to do it to him all. The. Time HAHA
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Aubrey just up and decided to try to crawl two days ago. I keep putting ber down in one place and sbe ends up across the room, having pushed herself backwards. She will be 5 months tomorrow.
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She looks like she is doing some sort of Matrix move there, is she up on her toes? Cute!
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Haha, yes zhe was all annoyed that she got onto the slippery hardwoods...trying with all her migt to propell forward smile.gif
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Ha, Berkeley is no where near being mobile yet! My MIL bought us a Johnny jump up this week... I've never had one before but B seems to like it.

Problem is the only door it fits on in our house is the exterior back door, and its kinda chilly here! And my other boys think its pretty cool too...

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I've thought about getting one too, but I don't know how well he could hold himself up in it greensad.gif he's still pretty immature for almost 5 months. I'm totally ok with this because he's the last baby for us and I want to savor every single moment of this!!
I adore Berkeley BTW!!
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Everyone is starting to look so big..it makes me a little sad. Jude slides down my leg after nursing as if shes just going to get down and walk...she gets ti my knee then looks at me like now what..lol[IMG]
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My almost 6 month old sweet pea.
6 year old robot. He made it himself.
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Farmer Momma-I love your sons hair! My four year old has pretty long hair and stands up for himself whenever people give him a hard time about it. 

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Holly loves her Johnny Jumper!  I swear she is going to skip rolling and crawling and go straight to walking.  All she wants to do is be upright w/ her legs pushing on your lap or the ground.


She has rolled several times, both directions, but she shows no motivation to keep doing it.  When she is on her tummy she will prop to her elbows but not to her hands.  So no worries, ladies, Holly is not an early mover, either.

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