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Shameless Baby Pictures - For June DDC Babies!!! - Page 25

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That last comment was for pokey! Not sure if tamboreen baby has chunky thighs or not, LOL. Adorable all around
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Not quite chunky thighs on Quest but finally out of the underweight danger zone! He rocks.
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He does rock!  I love the photo!

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Oh wow, he definitely doesn't look like he is in the underweight danger zone. Good job, mama.
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From the skinny zone days.
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Oh my gosh, is that a bird on his tummy? I almost missed that! I'm on my tiny cell with a broken screen, so my view is a bit obscured. He's adorable.
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Yeah a chick.
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Baby woke up in the middle of a late nite canning session tonight which = a stowaway on my back! He's gonna thank me when he's eating yummy applesauce in a few months...
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The camera was at a friends house, I'm trying to play catch up. Here is her hangout when there are dishes to wash.


Since she likes them so much, I will also volunteer the cats for babysitting when there is something hot to handle.


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Shanna-cat can we come over for some applesauce? 


Man I wish I had a counter-corner like that when I'm doing dishes!  She's a doll voondrop!

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love the kitchen hang-out! and cute messy baby :) Love seeing all the cute babies!


Wearing a duct-tape crown made by her big sister:



And sitting up all by herself:


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Mothering is having a contest now where you can win free photo cards. Check out the link below. It would be lovely to have some cards with our adorable babies on them! Contest ends on the 6th.

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Easton 5.5 months
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What a stud!

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I'm doing this from my phone so hopefully it posts right, but here's a video of my munchkin playing smile.gif
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That is awesome!  Way to go, Easton.

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So cute! I call this "The Bang Phase"  - it's one of my favorites. 

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These two are having so much fun with each other these days.
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Yeah we're getting to a really fun part now. I'm not big on the newborn phase, but I love this stage.

Amelia is such a joyful happy girl and she just adores her big sister. She smiles all the time and rewards her sister's crazy antics with big squeals and belly laughs. I really feel that she was the perfect addition to the family. She fits in like a puzzle piece and just completes us so well.
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So sweet, you guys!

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