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Right there w/ ya!  We keep our house at 67.  While OH is not as cold as WI, its still been a record breaking Winter in terms of cold and it is above average for snowfall, too.  Many days I don't bother w/ "real" clothes for Holly.  When its ridiculous cold I just keep her in her sleeper all day.

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We have the opposite problem here in CA. This is just the third day of rain for the whole winter season thus far! Days have been averaging 70+ degrees! You can go ahead and throw some of that winter over here!
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The weather here has fluctuated from freezing to hot and literally every day. 25 one day and 80 two days later. On those cold days Camden stays in his pjs too. I just hate putting on layers to keep him warm so we do fleece pjs. We typically keep ours at 67 downstairs and 65 upstairs during the day and at night it's 68 upstairs.
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We heat w/ wood & 67 indicates wood should have been added an hour ago, because it's gone out, lol. We had $200.00 + heating bills when we first moved into this house, & it just isn't doable. The bedrooms & kitchen are usually 10 degrees colder, mudroom & master bath 15 w/ wood. Now $55.00 is our winter average. Our Baby Legs came in the mail last week, yay!


We play the spoon over here as well!



Growing teeth at shark rate speed...


A tickle from a hawks wing at The Carolina Raptor Center

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Awww!! So cute!
We usually keep the house at about 67 and even so both the kids prefer to be half naked. MyDH has been feeling cold lately though and he keeps turning the heat up...it does get crazy expensive. Our house is super drafty too.
Here is my hungry baby:

and more serious
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We keep ours at 64 and keep a fire going most days. It's nearly impossible to get non blurry phone pics these days... Oh well. Here's my little fatty

And watching the snow pant less
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Yep freaking cold here. I've never been snowed in so much either. I won't even tell ya my bills but if I'm gonna pay I'm gonna be comfy. I don't need to deal with depression on top of it. I'm pretty sure being cold would push me over the edge, but I'm in my long undies. Not crazy with the heat.
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Here is Aubrey getting ready to walk...shes thinking about it. No attempts yet!
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....daddy pulling her on our float sled..we had more fun than she did i think....lol;)
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Go Aubrey go! Ame has been experimenting with balance a lot too, lately. She actually managed to stand unassisted for a few seconds. But at 23 lbs I think it's gonna take a while before her legs are strong enough to support actual steps.
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I think that's why Easton isn't crawling on all fours or standing yet. He's 23 lbs too and a little belly heavy to support himself to stand.
Here we are out in the snow with the all-terrain jogger stroller with snow tires. Lol

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wow aubrey!! B is just barely considering standing or pulling himself up... but he's reallllly got the army crawl down and is scooting, pushing, shoving, and rolling himself all over the house now. 


aahhhhh easton is too darn cute. love his little 'its cold' expression. 

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Yay Aubrey! What a mover! It won't be long now.
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Ahahaha, that is awesome. "What, you mean this stuff just KEEPS. ON. COMING?! for MONTHS and MONTHS?!"
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I feel it too.
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Who's that baby? Love that baby!
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