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Third Hand Smoke in Cars

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Back story: My partner and I are splitting up.  He is a smoker, smokes in his car constantly.  He also sees no problem with the kids driving in said car, so long as he is not actually smoking while they are in there.  I STRONGLY disagree, as obviously the residue builds up all over, in the fabric of the seats, etc.  While we were together, I was able to put my foot down and say absolutely not and he complied; however, now I fear that there will be little I can do if he chooses to put them in the car after smoking in it (which he more than likely will, even if he says he won't.  He thinks that airing it out for a few hours is the same as not smoking in there.  Oooookay.)


Are there any laws about this? I have found some research about it, which I could hopefully use to get some sort of regulation included in the parenting plan, but would love to find some sort of legal recourse as well.  Thoughts?


Edited to add: I am truly not trying to use this to restrict his parenting time.  I want something that will make him actually stop smoking in his car, not something that will refuse to let the kids in the car, KWIM?  But, if the car does reek of smoke, I'd also like to be able to refuse to put the kids in there, legally, so that perhaps he will actually take it seriously.)

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Will he also smoke in his house?  That would concern me to.


I don't think there is any law about it, sadly.  But you could try to get it in the parenting plan, as you said. 

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