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June chat thread

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Let's have a chat thread. What's on your mind today? 


Me, I'm happy the group is up! A nice surprise at the end of my 12 hour work day (ick). Also a nice surprise was my husband bringing pizza to me at work. 


If the insane hungries kick in at the same time they did in my pregnancy with my daughter, I have only a few more days of normalcy. I was SO hungry all the time! It was unreal! I have all sorts of different food on hand now so hopefully I am well prepared, but I can only cross my fingers. 

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So tired. Actually, the song "I'm So Tired" by the Beatles really has been running through my head all day. That's what I get for listening to the white album. This will be my 3rd little one, and today I'm feeling nervous but excited and, yes, very tired. Nursing #2 at night still, so I'm interested to find out how I'll be able to build in the sleep I need while working full time and having an (almost) 4 year old and 18 month old. Any ideas?

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Terrified of gaining 60-70 pounds like I did with the other three.

Debbie, I have no ideas for more sleep, but I find I have more energy when I make time to work out. But like you have the time, right?!?!
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So for lunch I ate three pieces of pizza, four peanut-butter Triscuits, and a medium-sized bowl of pasta with spinach and cheese. I think it's starting. Alexisfaye, I gained over 50 lbs with my daughter, but then took it all back off. And my mom gained over 50 lbs with me. I am prepared to accept that may just be the way it is. OTOH, I do plan to cut back on juice during this pregnancy, so we'll see. 

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hi! well i have been starving since 3 weeks but the last 2 days i've suddenly been 'full'. i hope to get hungry again to stockpile some food for this bean! Both my pregnancies before i was quite hungry, esp my first. i ate and ate and ate and couldn't gain weight. don't hate me! I ended up gaining 20 lbs and DD was 8lbs 3oz, so i was seriously all baby. i think she was made of fish oil and avocado. last pregnancy i gained 25lbs, mostly because i went 10 days 'over'. I hope to gain at least that this time. 

I still have 5lbs of baby weight on from my 3 year old so that should help too. 


i have been eating lots of granola, avocado & turkey salad, hummus & chips, hazelnuts, and tons of lemon water. there is no end to my thirst! i made muffins twice last week because i needed something to snack on and I ate them before bed. 


I am slowly working my way through the family with the big announcement. I still have to call my dad. my mom was visiting 5 days ago and i put a bun in the oven for her to find, it turned out great!

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Yeah, sorry Jesepumpkin, I do hate you.  But just a teensy eensy bit.  I'm sure it will go away as your lovely personality overwhelms my bitterness about my inability to live on avocado without looking like Shamu.  Probably.  : )


I'm suprised how quiet our board is.  You'd think there'd be like 30 rabidly excited women on here at all hours.  I know we're early, but...?


As for me, all quiet on the homefront.  A bit tired early in the evenings.  And I miss my kids.  Just started back working full time.  I leave before they get up so I can be home by 5pm-ish.  Hard to go from SAHM who works a little to full-time again.  *sigh*


We haven't told any of our relatives yet.  Maybe because last time (#3) my family was like, "Really?!? Don't you know how that works yet?  Haven't you gotten cable?"  Harrumph.


Anybody having their 4th or greater?  As desperately as I wanted this little one, now that I'm back at work and I have so little time for my other 3, I'm terrified.  Would love some reassuring words.  They are just all so important, and I hate feeling like one or the other hasn't gotten enough ___ (fill in the blank with time, activity, affection, whatever resource is limited...).

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I know! I was hoping for more activity here too. My DDC with my daughter was very active and we still have an active Facebook group. In fact, yesterday I met up with one of those mamas and her family and we all went to the zoo together. It was a really great time! It was nice to meet her and it was like we already knew each other well. It was also nice to get out of the house and have something to do other than mope around and eat. I am not good with feeling bleh. I tend to kind of play the martyr. I'm better when I have something to distract from that feeling. 


Alexisfaye, this is only my 2nd, so I can't relate directly, but I would be willing to bet a lot of parents feel that way about wanting to make sure their kids all get enough resources. I think they may get less one-on-one time, but they'll still get time in a group, and then they also get time with their siblings and having a sibling is pretty awesome. 

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Hi! I'm new here! :) 6 weeks a long with my third baby. The all day nausea thing is just dreadful. There's not too much that seems to work right now. Guess I just have to wait it out, hard to do though! Thank goodness my other two kiddos are pretty patient with me feeling sick. I don't really have any food cravings right now, it's actually hard to eat. :(

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Hello Ladies!hola.gif


alexisfaye, I work full time and DH is a SAHD during the week and part-time paramedic on the weekends. We have 5 kids ranging in age from 15 years to 2 years. Don't worry about them all getting "enough", family dynamics always find a way to work themselves out so that everyone is ok thumb.gif


erigeron, About the lack of activity on the DDC - I for one just don't have anything interesting going on so pretty much nothing to say. My last pregnancy was a loss so I am just embracing this one with a whatever will be will be attitude. So am I excited - not yet, am I worried - nope, I am just chillin' hippie.gif I am sure activity will pick up in the next month or two!


jesepumpkin, Do you wake up in the middle of the night hungry? I have had that happen and I can't go back to sleep until I eat something duh.gif


DebbieS, What is this thing called "sleep" that you speak of? biglaugh.gif I don't think I have had that in 15 years! Sorry I really have no advice on how to get any but if you figure it out let me know!


enzo917, Sorry you got the pukies hug2.gifGive it a few weeks and all anyone will be talking about is vomiting or feeling like vomiting!

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Does anybody have prenatal appointments scheduled yet? I scheduled my first one for August 2nd at the end of the first trimester. I don't plan to go to many appointments.

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Hi everyone,

I'm pregnant with my first and go back and forth between feeling like I "feel" something and then feeling nothing and getting worried that something has happened. I'm almost 5 weeks from my LMP so maybe it's still just too early? I kind of felt queasy for a while yesterday but nothing too bad. I'm also sort of tired, but I'm frequently tired so can't tell if that is different. I'm feeling like I should take another test!


Pattimomma: I just made my first appointment with the midwife and they didn't want to see me until 8 weeks, so I have to wait for another month! It feels like forever.

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I am still waiting to receive confirmation that the midwife that I had with my daughter is available. I'm hoping to get a call this week so that we can start setting up appointments. I'm just desperately trying to finish up the work I need to do to get my masters before heavy duty fatigue sets in and I don't want to do anything. It's already so hard to concentrate on research and writing as it is, particularly with a toddler that wants my attention. I hope to have more to say and more to post in the coming months.

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ash531- I've had the on/off with nausea as well. I think it's just too early to have anything consistent!


Is anyone taking magnesium supplements (magnesium oil) to ward off morning sickness? I've been using it for a year and today when I started to feel really sick, I used a bunch of it and the nausea went away. Really hoping that works for me! Last time I got pretty sick and I can't imagine going through that with a toddler to take care of this time.


Anyone have advice for dealing with first trimester woes while taking care of other young'ns? Poor guy gets so bored when mama feels too tired/sick to play with him.


I haven't made my first appointment with my CNM yet, but I've got my set of labs for progesterone/hcg tomorrow to make sure everything looks good, then we'll make an appointment after. I'm guessing first week of July. Can't wait to hear the heartbeat and have this all seem more real!

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ash531, I felt pretty normal both last time and this time until 6 weeks along. Then it hit... in my case, I feel hungry all the time. I have this theory that most women get either morning sickness, extreme fatigue, or extreme hunger (maybe some unlucky ones get more than one of those!) I never had much morning sickness and was maybe a little more fatigued than usual, but I was starving constantly. My MIL was one of the sleepers. The story is that they realized she was expecting baby #2 when FIL came home from work one day to find her zonked out on the floor while watching baby #1. 


amycvincent, idk but let me know if you find out! I do think that actually putting in the effort to act normal helps me feel better, so maybe doing something like going to the park or indoor play area would be good--you put in a little bit of effort to get them into a setting where they have stuff to do, and then you don't have to engage them constantly and also you feel a little more human because you got off the couch. I'm going to try that over the next couple of days.  


My first prenatal is scheduled for June 26 when I will be a little more than 8 weeks along. I will probably get my first ultrasound then. I skipped the early ultrasound with my daughter, which I regret doing because I then spent a ton of time stressing out over whether she was okay or not. I do feel more zen about it this time, but I'd just like to see what is going on! 

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I feel pretty normal this time too. My first ended in January with a miscarriage at 12 weeks, and I was so sick ALL.THE.TIME, but this time I'm just plain exhausted. I have days that I can't get enough to eat, but so far only a couple little waves of nausea. I'll take it!


I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks to make sure everything looked normal because of all my trouble post-miscarriage. Not much to see - just a yolk sac - but everything looked normal. I also started progesterone then.  I go back on July 9 for my first real appointment and I'll be almost 10 weeks then.


I have a much better feeling about this pregnancy. Hope that means this little bean is going to stick around!

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My first appt is scheduled for this Friday, but I'll only just be 5 weeks by then. I got a really early (9dpo) positve test, and they went ahead and scheduled me. They originally wanted to do an ultrasound, but I'm going to ask to wait until next time, when we'll actually be able to see something.


Is this anyone else's first baby? Am I the only one so far??


Here's what I've been dealing with lately:

-ACNE. Ugh, my face looks terrible. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

-Fatigue. Today has been okay, but mostly I've been wiped.

-Food - I never know what is going to be something I can eat or not. Normal, somewhat bland food (like grilled chicken and roasted potatoes) will sometimes cause me to turn up my nose. It doesn't make me sick, I'm just averse to it. I never know it though until I'm a few bites in, which really sucks. The other day I went and got a burrito and ate two bites and that was all I could handle. Unhealthy stuff, though, is always fine. Mac and cheese, chocolate milk, doughnuts? Yeah, I'm in. It's really frustrating!!


The soreness in my boobs is starting to go away, which is nice. I have big boobs so it was really difficult to not end up bumping them on something!


We've spilled the beans to a lot of people already. We're some of the first of our friends to get pregnant, so it's sort of a huge deal!

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This is my second pregnancy, but will be my first baby too auchencook.

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Thanks for the reassurance on higher # ladies.  I'm scheduled for my first July 2.  I don't feel like I *need* much prenatal care, but I'm DYING to see my midwives again.  joy.gif  Otherwise, I have general yucky feelings for a few minutes each day, but I'm a super-easy (and super-fat) preggo.  Thankfully.  Although I do feel like I'm walking around with a little balloon in my belly already. 


I saw on one of the other threads we've had a loss.  So sad.  Hope the other beans (technically mine's a lentil at this point...) are sticky. 


Any cravings yet?  Besides food in quantity?


Hope you all have a good day!

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I miss my midwives too! I got to see them today when I went into pick up a referral for a dating ultrasound. I will be booking it this week. My midwife was supposed to go on vacation in February, but it looks like she'll shift her vacation! Yay!
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I definitely feel your pains, Sukhada. I had my second while finishing up my Masters and it was quite a challenge. Actually, I was relieved to find out I was pregnant because I'd never felt so stressed out in all my life, and I wondered what was going on. My midwife helped me get through some of the stress, and also helped me find ways to connect more completely with my baby in utero, since I was going in so many different directions. She mixed up a floral tincture that I drank a little sip from each night while thinking about the baby, and it really helped. I'm not sure if it was what was in the tincture, or if it was just having a routine where I spent some personal time thinking about and talking to the baby alone. Good luck to you!

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