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Sukhada, our due dates are so close--mine's the 15th! And I must say I hate that tech you saw.


Erigeron, I love hearing your food rambles, so fun! You'd be a great food blogger I bet. I've just been feeling anxious, nervous, pensive...hoping the pregnancy will stick plus some un-fun troubles with one of my jobs (I do some property managing and had to handle an eviction for the first time, so stressful!)...And when I'm anxious my stomach feels churned up and I can hardly make myself eat. In happy times, I am a raving glutton, so I miss enjoying food!  Weirdly, I can't tell if it is just my nerves or really some kind of mild all-day morning sickness queasiness. Oh well, it can't last...And I'll feel less nervous as I get further along, I'm sure...


Alaura24-- Yesterday I was googling if it would be good/bad to keep taking these alfalfa capsules that I'd started taking for fertility, and one of the results said that it could be taken to encourage healthy (extra?) amount of breast tissue growth during pregnancy to aid breastfeeding. I breastfed both my first 2 for 5.5 years each (the last few years it was pretty much just naptime/bedtime)...also had problems starting out...so I'm kind of a veteran...Maybe I'll have ideas if breastfeeding questions come up!

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Yeah, I don't think I'll be writing the nightmare food blog any time soon! Food has to be my #1 issue in pregnancy. Every day is a new adventure... and not in a good way. I have been really trying to stay positive, but I have to say, and maybe I'll delete this ranty post later, but I really hate pregnancy, at least the first trimester. I felt this way with my daughter too. I feel like crap all the time and there is no abating. I tried to post on the "savor pregnancy" thread, but when I think about the prospect that this might be my last pregnancy, all I can come up with is "Good". Probably I'll feel differently once the baby starts moving, but for now I can't find anything to like. I contemplate stopping at two, even though I'd like a bigger family, because I hate feeling this way. With the first one I contemplated having an only, for the same reason. I love my daughter to bits but I really hate being pregnant... and I don't even have any particular complications, I just feel like craaaaaap all the time! I know, it is a small enough sacrifice relative to the intense awesome that is the baby. But the baby is 7 months off and the crappy feeling is right now. 

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Erigeron, I feel you! My mom has 8 kids and while I was pregnant with G I kept asking myself how she did it 8 times -because it just totally sucks, then I forgot.  Now I'm asking the same questions all over again, why would I do this to myself again???? After infertility and loss I am definitely grateful to be pregnant again. But it really blows! G makes a mess all day while I lay on the couch.  If I can accomplish a couple of things I am thrilled.

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I think I am starting to feel a little better. I have the next 2 days off work, which is nice... I think... the upside of work is that I have something to focus on other than feeling crappy, but the downside is that I worry about getting hungry. Tomorrow is DD's birthday so we'll try to do something a little festive, and then Wednesday is our first midwife appointment! 

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Had my first appointment with the midwife! She was very reassuring regarding VBAC. She was also great about estimating my due date based on my cycle length rather than my LMP. My EDD is February 3, but I'm willing to bet that i'll deliver around the 10th. Then we did a sonogram, and there was my little nugget...with a tiny heart fluttering away!

Sooooo relieved.
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