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confused :(

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im on 8 dpo i had the big o last thursday i have a 28 day cycle and im bang on time with af's to the hour ! isit too early to be testing i tested yesterday and i had a bfn :( im due for af next thursday whens the earliest i should get a bfp? 

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8DPO is pretty early. The longer you wait, the more accurate the results will be. Here is a little chart. HPT accuracy DPO 10 dpo : 35% 11 dpo : 51% 12 dpo : 62% 13 dpo : 68% 14 dpo : 74% 15 dpo : 80% 16 dpo : 88% 17 dpo : 92% 18 dpo : 99% Good luck! Sorry my formatting is all messed up!
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Thank you for your help smile.gif ill re test monday , that will make me 11 dpo smile.gif can't help but test everyday haha af is due on thursday , praying it won't be there , probably end up testing again tomorrow , can't help me self hate waiting, see all these people testing earlier than this, puts me off tbh x
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If your due for AF next Thursday, then I wouldn't test until Wed.
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think ill do just that , i did anothr test this am with fmu and still a bfn :( so im gonna try and wait till wednesday to test thank you x

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well i couldnt wait and tested this morning fmu and i still got a bfn im due thursday ......am i out of the running surelyyyyyyyy i should of got a positive by now if i was pregnant? any one have any success stories to share and get my hopes up a little? any one had bfns at 12 dpo and later got a bfp ?




please ..... if anyone could ut my mind at rest id be really appreciative 


lots of sticky baby dust to you all xxx

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Hey ladies. I'm new but was reading up and wanted to respond. I'm pretty sure 8dpo is way early. I am 13 dpo and just got a BFN this morning. It's so frustrating cause I could swear my prego!!. I think AF is either due tomorrow or Monday but I can't take it. Using Clearblue easy..maybe should use FRER..
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Hey Claire. Just wanted to say I know quite a few people that have gotten BFNs at 11, 12, 13....and all the way up to 16 DPO. So don't count yourself out of the game yet. You posted a couple days ago so don't know if AF showed her ugly face yet but good luck and LMK what happened.
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I was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant and I'm currently miscarrying, back to the hospital tomorrow to see if my hcg doubles had lots of bleeding and pain, been examined, can't see the baby might be too early or I have an eptopic, the doctors aren't hopefull, one said its α definite m.c don't know what to do I'm doing all this on my own the father of the baby isn't interested atall x
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So sorry you're dealing with this Claire. Hoping the doc is wrong, but if not - wishing you a sense of peace about everything.  Crossing my fingers for a good outcome for you though! Please update when you can.

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Its been comfimed that I miscarried :'( I have to go back on wednesday to have α check up lee's girl how did this month go for you? Bfp?bfn?x
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So sorry, Claire!  I'm sure it is awful to deal with, especially on your own.


AFM - so far I'm still in limbo.  BFN last week, will test again this week if AF doesn't show up by then.  Still lots of craziness - same symptoms but now they have new friends.  We'll see what happens, something is definitely going on, if I don't either get a bfp or AF by next weekend I'll make an appointment with my dr for a blood test.

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