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Overnight for big kids.

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I have two kids, dd 6 and ds 3, and they are both still in diapers at night.  They wet heavily and a while back I switched to disposables because of leaking and discomfort (dd couldn't go to sleep with a mountain of diaper between her legs).  I have been using the Huggies diapers that are free of dyes and stuff, but I still don't want them on my kids and I really don't like buying them and throwing them away.  Not to mention they are in the largest size and dd's is starting to leak more frequently.  I thought the disposables would be a short term solution, but neither of them seems anywhere near finished wetting the bed.


So, is there anything reusable out there that will keep their bed dry through the night and not be incredibly bulky?



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I am wondering the same thing. My 5 yo ds is in the same situation and I would love to get him out of sposies...

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