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Restless sleeper, sleepless mama!

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I NEED sleep. My almost 14month old won't sleep at night! I am not trying to get him to sleep through the night, just SLEEP! He has always been a restless sleeper. He switches sides while nursing more than 3-4 times during a night nursing session, alternates between boob and pacifier, back to sleep/belly to sleep. We have tried putting him in his own bed next to ours, having my husband get him, giving him water, milk, or juice, rocking him, walking him, wearing him, patting him, singing to him, and more. We are dairy and grain free so it is not a gluten or dairy problem.he is to the point wear he doesn't really sleep, it's more like he dozes in and out all night. I am at a loss. Please help!!
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As an aside, we have 4 other children, ages 3-11. This is not our first child.
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I feel for you! My dd is about 18 months and is still wakes multiple times during the night. Her molars are also coming in, so some nights are very rough.


I had a couple of follow up questions: does he nap during the day? Have there been any other periods of time when he did sleep better? Are there any signs of possible discomfort (teeth, belly, body parts)? Does he seem to wake up due to internal stimulation or something in the environment?


You have other children, so you are more experienced than myself. The purpose of my questions are to get a more complete picture. Hopefully the collective experiences of members here will be of help!



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This just makes me think of restless legs syndrome that I had with my pregnancies. I also had low iron and I don't know if that contributed but for months I was so ridiculously restless and almost never slept. Maybe have his iron levels checked and try a banana before bed for potassium? My son was a frequent waker and it was about 16 months when I stopped nursing/rocking to sleep and his sleep really improved. I howl you finda solution soon!
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Just a thought, I did this with my cousin a few years ago and it worked out surprisingly well... ... force him to stay awake. All day. Only allow one or two very short naps during the day (one in the morning and one in the early afternoon - same time every day - no more than an hour at a time). Play with him as much as possible when he's awake. Watch TV. Do whatever you want. Just don't let him sleep unless it's nap time. And then when bedtime rolls around, he'll be so tired he will WANT to sleep thru the night (except to eat of course). It obviously doesn't work within a day or two, but I got my cousin on a schedule in about a week.... and I know it sounds kindof mean, but after they get used to only taking a couple short naps during the day, they'll learn that daytime is for fun and nighttime is for sleep....... or, just a random thing that works for my baby when he's fussy, get a swing and let him sleep in that, right in your room. He'll love the motion and it might keep him asleep longer than usual. He might even grow to love it and actually Want to be in it. (when mine tries to stay awake for no reason at 3am, that's what puts him out)
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Try feeding him foods that promote sleep right before bed, if you haven't already. Easy to google there has to be a physiological problem as to why he cant sleep.  Change drs if they aren't helping or at least ask for one of the other drs in the clinic for help.  Blood test might be in order.  I'm surprised Drs haven't figured it out by now.  There has to be studies why some children sleep beautifully and others struggle with it.

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I just found the best product. It's bedtime bath and bedtime lotion, made by Johnson and Johnson. It's purple, not pink. I have been using it for the past few days and it's a little miracle in a bottle lol If you aren't giving your child a bath every day (I go every 2-3 days) then just rub some lotion on their chest and arms before bed. You'd be surprised the difference. I was.
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