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Toddler w/ Impacted Colon - Help!

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My 2 1/2 year old DS has had issues with constipation since around 2 months of age (when he was exclusively breastfeed). It's apparently genetic because I suffer from similar extreme issues.

In November we went gluten free and things have gotten much better. However recently he has experienced what we thought was diarrhea. It turns out he's impacted and poop has been leaking around the impaction, or at leat that's the GI's current theory.

We're on the 3rd day of a colon cleanse to break up the impaction (3 caps of Miralax daily) and he's finally passing an appreciable amount. (The 1st day he only had 2 small bms. Similar situation day 2.) Now the bms are very gritty, and I'm wondering if the "grit" is the impaction breaking up - it looks like ground peanuts. Anyone btdt?

I'm also wondering if anyone has had success in maintenance after a cleanse. The MD wants us to use Miralax daily, but I hate to go on a daily medication. I was thinking of trying probiotics and an aggressive amount of daily flax oil as maintenance, but I'm not sure if that's enough. I don't want to end up with another impaction.

(Note- He does not eat processed foods, has 3-4 oz. of prune juice daily, eats an incredible amount of fruit -especially berries, consumes only whole grains although not much since he's gluten free, and eats at least 1 veggie each day... I guess I'm saying diet probably isn't the issue)

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Wow. That sounds hard. Can you see a naturopath about this? Putting him on a daily laxative seems like it could make him dependent. I am guessing a naturopath would have better ideas.
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Magnesium can help. 


Also I am hearing coconut oil is good too.

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My son has Hirschsprungs Disease so I have a lot of experience w/ bowel issues.  I would try Natural Calm magnesium INSTEAD of the miralax.  You have to really play w/ the dose to find out what works.  I would start w/ 1 heaping teasp, 1x per day and see if that does it.  I give my 4 year old 2 teasp when he is having issues BUT like I said he has HD so his issues are diff than most.


Miralax is a nasty drug and I can understand your hesitancy in using it on a daily basis.  Also I have heard good things about olive oil (I am sure any healthy oil would work) and giving that each day.  1-2 teas in applesauce...but go ahead and google that to get more info before trying it.  Of course a good probiotic is also essential  we use Klaire Therabiotic Complete and HLC Intensive (by Pharmax).  Lots and lots and lots of water.


gl, hope it gets better SOON!


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There are parents reporting neurological effects with miralax. My daughter has encopresis (stool withholding) and miralax is the one maintenance therapy we will not do. There are more time tested medications for maintenance like lactulose, or mineral oil, or milk of magnesia. We use milk of magnesia.


What happens is the end of the colon stretches out and they lose the ability to feel when the need to have a BM. You need to keep his stool really loose so the colon can go back to normal size.


I have been dealing with this problem for about 4 years now, and my daughter still regresses. She will have a few good months, and start with holding again. Your child does need maintenence therapy, but you can choose one you are more comfortable with.


I have found this guide to be helpful.




Hope this helps. Its a very frustrating problem.

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Sorry, no advice, but subbing b/c my 21-month-old is on a daily dose of Miralax and senna after trying a Miralax cleanse (6 caps/day for 2 days plus MoM) that didn't work. I think the next step the GI wants to do is an enema, and possibly an endoscopy to see what's going on.


I remember that when I did the Lemonade Diet cleanse years ago, the night before I started, I drank a glass (or two, don't remember) of salt water to get things cleaned out. It was horrible, but it worked. I'm wondering if it would be safe to try on the little guy, or if the salt is too much for his system. We have yet another appointment next week, so I'm going to ask.

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Have you tried molasses? My neice had constipation troubles as an infant, my sister often stirred molassss into her formula and even dipped the baby's pacifier into molasses. It is a sweetener but it could be a more natural home treatment than the meds.
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I've started trying molasses so we'll see how it goes.


OP, if you're sure the cleanse worked and he's all cleaned out, I would think that you can maintain naturally however it works for him. As long as he's pooping a reasonable amount once or twice a day, it's all good. At least that what our GI said...

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