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It was quite a shock- our baby came 6 weeks early!

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My due date was June 1st. I posted both here and in the May DDC. Baby T was our 7th baby and I do not normally have my babies early at all! However, this particular baby had different plans. I had no signs of impending labor at all. And after all these babies I like to think I know my body pretty well! orngtongue.gif But as suddenly as could be, I went into labor on April 19th, I was 33 weeks and six days along. My labors are fast and this one looked to be doing the same- my contractions began at 4 minutes apart, strong and painful. Just like that! I was home alone with the children. It was pure craziness. Here is my birth story posted in my blog, along with pictures.



And here is my next post, full of itty baby pictures as well. :)



Our wee premature boy arrived at 7:28pm on April 19th, 2013. He weighed 5lbs, 4oz and was born by C-section. I had never experienced a C-section, nor drugs during labor or anything like that. The entire experience was just so mind bogglingly fast and overwhelming. I hemorrhaged pretty badly afterward as well. It was all shocking, but we are all doing well now! Baby T is just about 9lbs now, 7 weeks old, and a good little baby guy. love.gif My C-section recovery has been no fun at all, but I am grateful that my body has been healing, and that my hemorrhage was controlled & I did not lose my uterus.


My mother passed away about 7 weeks before Baby T's arrival. We were very close and I was at her side through her last days of life. I can't help but wonder if possibly the emotional trauma of that situation led to my early labor... I'll never know. But I am overjoyed by my new boy and our thriving happy family. heartbeat.gif Thank you for letting me share here!

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Wow! What a heartwarming and emotional story. Thank you do much for sharing your journey with us and glad everyone is safe and healthy.
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oh Thank you for sharing with us! I am glad that you are all well and healing/growing.

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Thanks for sharing.  What an emotional roller coaster for you.  You are a strong woman to handle it all so gracefully.


My mother experienced similar losses and joy when I was born.  She lost her father 2 months before I was born.  Then came me.  2 months after my birth she lost her mother.  I cannot even imagine her heartache (and joy).  Enjoy all your babes!! luxlove.gif

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Congratulations mama. We've been in DDC's together in the past or close to DDC's and I've followed your blog and shared your experiences with my family. I hope that's not weird smile.gif and your strength has always amazed me. I had a 33w unexpectedly 3 years ago as we'll and I remember all those feelings and emotions you reference in your blog. I'm do glad T is doing so wonderfully now and that life is moving in the right direction. This (God Willing) will be our 6th living child and I pray all goes well for us and continues to do so for you as well!!
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Congratulations!  Sorry you went through so much, but very glad it went well considering.  I could relate to your thoughts before and during the C-section.  Even though I've been through it 4 times now, I only knew ahead of time (2 days) once and it never seems right.  You have a beautiful family!

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Congrats on your newish bundle. Sorry that it didn't go according to plan, but I'm happy that you have a healthy baby and recovery seems to have gone pretty well.

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I'm pleased it's manageable for you, I teared up reading your story. Congratulations!

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Oh thank you everyone! Thanks for all the kind words and sharing in my joy and sorrow, too. hug.gif

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Congrats on your baby and so glad he's doing well now!

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