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Floor Bed for Toddler - Need Tips

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Thinking about setting up my 17-month-old in a floor bed.  She hates cribs - always has - and after spending hours each day trying to transfer her without waking her (and failing, and repeating, and failing), it just seems like time to do something different. We have temporarily downsized to a small 2-bedroom apartment, and it's chock full of stuff, so I've been resistant to this idea due to the massive amount of reorganizing and babyproofing we'll have to do if she isn't contained in a crib.  But, at this age, it seems ridiculous to embark on some kind of crib-training exercise, when she's about to outgrow it anyway!


Anybody else switch to a floor or toddler bed by this age?  Any tips on how to set up her bedroom?  Safety tips?  I've just started reading some about the Montessori philosophy and find it interesting, but above all I want her to be safe.

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Basically, you'll have to have the bedroom set up so that it would be safe for her to play in unsupervised in case she wakes up and doesn't cry or come find you immediately. Tall furniture bolted to the wall in case she tries to climb shelves or drawers. Nothing heavy that she can pull down on top of her. No dangling cords (like from lamps.) Outlets should be covered. Nothing that she can push over to a dresser so she can climb on top of it. No cords on window blinds. No choking hazards (make sure dresser knobs are on tight.)


The other concern, if she can open her bedroom door, is if she wanders around the house at night without your realizing it. Maybe a chime on her door if you are a light enough sleeper?


I say all that without ever having done any baby proofing myself:-) My son liked to be near me at all times so he was never in another room alone. The one time I did use a baby proofing item, he noticed it right away and promptly pulled it off because it was new. It was just a sticky corner pad I put on a piece of furniture because we both kept banging our heads on it. Consequently, my advice is to put up baby proofing before you need it, when they are tiny babies, because it just calls the toddler's attention to the hazard you are trying to protect him/her from.


And the benefit of not baby proofing is you don't have a false sense of security thinking there is no way for a child to hurt herself in a particular environment.

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