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Frontline accidental skin contact & no gardening??

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Paranoid Polly here...but I am usually the one to dose the dogs with Frontline.  I did and wouldn't you know it its the one time I got some on my finger and within 30 seconds to get to sink thought OH MY GOSH! Scrubbed with my ginger bergamot soap, then vinegar, then more soap, then baking soda and vinegar.  I'm quite sure I'm being a ridiculous new 5 weeks pregnant lady but I just suddenly got alarmed as I don't want to put any risk into my new little seedling! 

Speaking of seedlings, go on and add that my cousin just told me I shouldn't be gardening?  That some sort of toxo-something can be in the soil from cats etc. and that if you breath it in or it contacts your skin you can pass to baby and it can cause miscarriage. Yep was just gardening this morning, thinning out seedlings and finger testing the soil to see if it needed water.  I feel stupid that I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that? I went from being calm the last few days and happy to suddenly paranoid that I've somehow harmed the wee one? 


Anyone around to talk me off this worry wall?

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I don't know about the Frontline, but the gardening thing seems really overly cautious. Toxoplasmosis is spread through animal feces, so you probably don't want to change the litter box or if you need to you can wear gloves and a face mask.

If your cats are in the habit of going in the garden make sure you are washing your hands thoroughly and washing any food that came out of it as well. Most likely if you have been changing a litter box you have already been exposed and shouldn't become sick from it.

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Thank you fruitfulmomma!

We don't have cats or a litter box.  The only way it would happen is if the wild wandering neighborhood cats are jumping into the garden boxes and using it for that purpose but I do see a couple sneaking around the yard when the pooches aren't out there. 


The Frontline hopefully someone else out there will know. I def was immediately thinking from here on out DH does that duty!

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Gardening is fine, I have been at it since February here in the south. I am almost 30 weeks now. I don't know about Frontline but I doubt one exposure for 30 seconds did any harm.

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Thanks CrunchyMama19.  

I think I'm just so wanting a nice long healthy happy baby/pregnancy that I'm being a bit of a worry wort.


There are so many little things that I'm learning you can't do, inhale, touch, eat that I feel like an idiot that I don't know them all already and then to go and get that chemical on my skin and I thought - what was I thinking?  Ooof! I need to just take deep breaths and do my best and I'm sure everything will be ok.  Thanks for helping talk me off the worry wall!

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My midwife recommended gloves for gardening but didn't see any reason to stop the activity.

I also told her that we have two cats with a littler box in the bathroom I use reguarly. She said no moving of the box was necessary, but she didn't want me scooping the litter, so now DW does it. If DW is out of town for some reason and I have to do it, I wear gloves and wash my hands and forearms with hot soapy water right away when done.

ETA - I really wouldn't worry about the frontline, but you could always call your doc or midwife just to be sure. It's such a prevalent topical in homes, I would think there would be clear warnings on the box if there were risks to pregnancy. DW gives our dog frontline once a month and though I'm not petting him when that happens we aren't taking any extra precautions to avoid contact. He still sleeps at the foot of our bed, on top of the comforter, etc.
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Thanks Sphinxy!  I feel much better with each of these comments.  I def would like to continue gardening so it makes sense to wear gloves. Congrats on your little wee one growing inside you! 

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Thanks, crickets, and congrats to you too! On most of the things that people say I "can't" do when pregnant I tend to think that I probably can if I am just more careful and/or take a little extra effort to understand the "why" behind it. I try to remember that women have been doing this since our species began without the assistance of lots of extra rules for living and lists of what not to do.
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