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July EDD Thread (new/updated)

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Please share the following information...

Screename/ Name (if you want to):
Baby's gender (guesses, will you find out?):
Please post updates in bold.


June 12


It's a BOY!




It's a BOY!


July 2

startingallover (Beth)

It's a GIRL!


July 3




It's a surprise!


July 4


It's a surprise!


July 5


July 6


It's a surprise!



Waiting on U/S


talldarkeyes (Carrie)



It's a surprise!



July 7


Jefinner (Jennifer)

It's a BOY!



It's a surprise!


July 8


It's a GIRL!




July 9


It's a surprise!



It's a surprise!


hadjeb (Toni)

thinking boy


July 10


J and J's Mommy

It's a BOY! (Induction)



It's a surprise!




hoping for a girl


July 11


It's a surprise!



It's Twin Girls!




July 12

Kristen B

hoping for a girl, waiting on U/S


heyitskalista (kalista)

It's a surprise!


July 13

Monkey pants (Andrea)

It's a BOY!



It's a BOY and a GIRL!


July 14


It's a BOY!


July 15


Wrenmoon (Summer)

It's a BOY!



It's a surprise!


July 16



Thinking boy.



Waiting on u/s



It's a GIRL!


July 17


Waiting on u/s!


July 18

Truckerdoo (Lauri)



thinking boy, waiting for u/s



July 19



It's a surprise!




July 20

Inconditus (Aya)

It's a GIRL!


July 21


Thinking girl, waiting for u/s!


GarciaFamily (Adrianne)

Thinking twins


Stephbrownthinks (Steph)

It's a GIRL!



It's a surprise!


July 22




It's a BOY!



It's a surprise!




July 23

sunnymuffin (Stephanie)

It's a BOY!



It's a surprise!


July 24



It's a GIRL! (c-section)


-Resque- (Sara)

It's a BOY!


janiep81 (janie)

thinking girl



Thinking girl!


July 25

rf1170 (Becky)

It's a surprise!




July 26



It's a surprise!


July 27



Waiting on u/s!



Waiting on u/s.



It's a GIRL!


July 28

howeberry (Lisa)

It's a surprise!


g&a (Gisele)

Waiting for u/s






July 29

cynthiamoon (Cynthia)

It's a GIRL!



It's a BOY!


July 30


July 31



Hoping for a girl!




 angel.gif Sad Goodbyes












Lolliegee angel2.gif

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Just wanted to give a little update. I have a c-section scheduled for July 24.
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I'm having a BOY on Wednesday, June 12th smile.gif
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Wow Tenk... This is making it all VERY real to me: I'm not just very bloated and tired; there's a baby coming!! Best of luck to you on Wednesday and strong, healthy baby wishes to your little one!!
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Updated Tenk. Yey! :)

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Tenk it's almost over but almost beginning for u!!! You are getting me to think about baby more than just being pregnant like, wow there's a reward at the end of all this work...I forgot!

I can't believe how many are going to be a surprise (sex)... I could never do it
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Originally Posted by J and Js mommy View Post

I can't believe how many are going to be a surprise (sex)... I could never do it

I know; I LOVE it. By far most people I know think I'm nuts for waiting. It was an amazing moment when DD was born and I couldn't do it any other way smile.gif
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Oh and btw I forgot to update my info:
EDD is July 26 instead of 27
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They r planning induction for me so when the date is set I'll post in bold. Prob July 10, I pray!
That would be an incredible moment Sky
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Updated skycheattraffic.


I admire the ability to have patience and wait to know the sex. I did it once with my second baby, but the surprise was ruined during an ultrasound a few weeks before he was born... oh well. :) After that, I no longer have patience. If the baby is willing to cooperate then I would be happy to know. LOL Although, my little girl this time was hiding her girly parts behind the placenta during the ultrasound. I had to kinda move my tummy around to get her to change positions and show herself. 

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This is the first time we have found out the sex, and I realized I really liked the surprise aspect of it once I knew the "other side" of the experience. There is something about not knowing that kept me on my toes- maybe I just like that unknown feeling? So many other things (everything) in my life is so planned and practically charted out and full of lists that I liked the mystery of it all.
I do like that we have his name already though.
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Dayiscoming, you got robbed! I would have been fuming!!! I start every US with "we don't know the gender and it means a lot that we don't find out. The techs have been great so far, even skipping baby's whole abdomen, just showing me the head, heart/chest and feet lol. And baby hasn't deliberately flashed me either so hopefully it will remain a mystery!
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Skycheattraffic: Well, what happened is I wasn't planning on any ultrasounds, but I was in Romania and the hospital agreed to be lenient with my requests if I got an ultrasound. So, I agreed. 

With my first, no one told me my son's sex. I was actually surprised and thought that they would have, so I didn't find out that he was a boy until about 32 weeks along with my second ultrasound and I had to ask. So, I thought that they made you ask if you wanted to know I guess. I was naive. :) The dumb thing is, the ultrasound in Romania didn't help with getting better treatment at the hospital. I went into labor on Dec. 25th and the head of the hospital ward that had assured me I could push hands and knees and some other stuff wasn't there. Only some mean female doc was there and she was on a major power trip to the point I transferred hospitals rather than stay with her, but the other hospital didn't end up being much better... Anyway! 

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Wow...that's some craziness dayiscoming!

With my first child (son) we didn't find out the gender . With this baby my husband really wanted to know so we did and I will admit to being curious to see if my guess was right. (It was) I loved the surprise with my son even tho his birth was stressful (emergency c section) .
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Here is my info:



July 29, 2013


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My info should say that we are expecting a girl. :)  Same edd.

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Originally Posted by StartingAllOver View Post

My info should say that we are expecting a girl. :)  Same edd.


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My names already up there but I'm having a boy

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