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had a cervical check this time too. 80% softened and 3cm dialated. Apparently I have the cervix of someone who's had multiple kids already, whatever that means orngtongue.gif


My wait time was raised/lowered to painful contractions 7 or 8 minutes apart for an hour, rather than the 5 I was quoted last week. This time I am NOT going to sleep if I have them in the middle of the night... and might actually call if I have those symptoms since I seen to be in the end game. Hopefully next "false start" is the real thing dizzy.gif


edit: looking for labor vibes. The MW I really like is only on today, wednesday, and friday, then she's off for another month. Boo me for falling head over heels for the backup 

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A couple hours ago things changed to early labor/real type contractions. They are still pretty close together and coming regularly at like 3-5 mins apart. I lost mucous plug and then had bloody show about a half hour ago. It's looking good. The intensity isn't very strong, but it never got THAT strong until transition with my last baby. I called the midwife and she said to let her know when things seem to get a bit more intense. I think there will be at least one more level of intensity to come before the final deal LOL. 

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Yayyyy, dayiscoming! 

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Ooh dayiscoming, I hope things keep progressing and you'll meet your peanut soon
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These babies r going to be popping out like champagne corks- wont be able to catch up!
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Looking good still. Tons of bloody show... was 2.5-3cm a couple hours ago according to midwife, so waiting for the right time to call her back here. Getting stronger, so I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I think baby does too. LOL

Bad part is no sleeping for me. Cannot sleep through these contractions. But, oh well.

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Yay! That's so exciting!
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Dayiscoming, I hope you're too busy to post by being in transition/pushing or already snuggling your sweet little babe. <3
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So hubby just checked me last night - 1st time in over a week. He said major changes since last time. Cervix doesn't even feel firm at all, totally mushy and stretchy. Easily fit 2 fingers in without stretching which according to my OB and his man hands is about a stretchy 3-4cm. OB apt today and he will do another strip most likely (still trying to kick into full labor before my blood pressure gets too out of control)....   I feel queasy this morning, very crampy all night...  I'm hopeful the strip may do something this time if I'm truly 3-4cm, 80%, and -1 (babies head is RIGHT there - bowling ball in my butt feeling).  I have the urge to put the hospital bags in the car, so I believe we are going to do that before my appointment....  After my appointment we are going to walk, walk, walk the mall and see if it stirs anything up post-strip!
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I am 41weeks today. Never before have I ever gone past dates. I don't like it one bit! orngtongue.gif

I have an induction scheduled for tomorrow evening. They start with cervadil, and if that doesn't do it, then the dreaded pitocin drip.

My midwife did sweep my membrane yesterday and I have had some bloody show since, but no contractions.
I really want to go into labour spontaneously tonight!
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Sorry, Startingallover. I had my last baby at 41+2 naturally. Sometimes they want to cook longer.

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I feel you, StartingAllOver. I'm 40w2d today, but my last one came at 42w5d. The midwife I'm with won't let me go past 42 weeks, so I'm debating what I'll do if that time comes. I may switch to another midwife (which just sounds crazy at this stage, but hey... I've rarely been accused of being sane... nut.gif ), but I'm not sure. Lots to think about.


Tomorrow, I go in for a biophysical profile. I love getting to see my little guy, but I'd love to see him AND hold him. Either way, he'll be here soon, one way or another.

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Starting all over I go in for induction tomorrow at 730am. What do u not like about pitocin? I've had a 100% natural birth then induced full term still birth so I've had both sides.

What the heck do I eat tonight in prep for the induction? Drs literally told me nothing! I've been crapping my ass off for two days (not solid stools either). Suggestions? It's 4pm and all I've eaten today is half yougurt and an oatmeal. Everything flies out of me.
Can't wait to meet this little guy altho it will be very emotional After our loss.
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Chicken soup? Or a hearty vegetarian soup?
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Pitocin is just so strong for me. I know that it will make me head toward pain relief much sooner than I otherwise would. Plus it knocks out my chances of a waterbirth, which I was really hoping for.

I was induced with my first and it was long and awful. And I was with my friend for her induction of her 4th and it was just as long and awful. I really hope that won't be true this time around.

As far as prep, my midwife just told me to get lots of rest and to eat as much as rrasonable to keep my energy up. Also lots of water. Good luck! Many women have smooth and easy inductions
One thing is for certain, both of us will be holding our babies by sometime in the next couple of days!
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Had my appointment this afternoon.  80% effaced still, baby is hanging out between -1 and 0 station, and I'm 4cm (so, hubby was right when he checked me last night!).  He did a *good* membrane strip and before he even did that said he doesn't think I'll make it til the weekend.  Asked him to do a strip just because of my fluctuating BP.  Very uncomfortable strip, consistent period cramping and minor spotting since then.  We shall see what the night holds......

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Eep! So excited for you guys on the verge! I'm not due until July 29th, so I am not quite there with you, but I think I finally was able to distinguish a contraction because my belly got *really* hard for the first time. Looking back, I think I had been feeling them before, I just thought it would be more dramatic.

Yesterday I got short of breath and felt my uterus sort of rippling up, get rock hard and tingle interestingly, which I am thinking was my first obvious contraction. Also got all sorts of other interesting sensations after DTD...
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Go, cinderella, go!


cynthiamoon, exciting stuff! When I'm not hot and grouchy I get so excited by all the things my body is doing to prep, even (possibly) weeks before the big show. (My DH's birthday is on the 29th, btw...:))

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Originally Posted by J and Js mommy View Post

Starting all over I go in for induction tomorrow at 730am. What do u not like about pitocin?
Let me just say that this is all worst case scenario stuff. I don't want to freak you out.

In the natural birth community pitocin is a magnet of scrutiny and criticism. It's probably the single most common unnecessary intervention that the medical community pushes on healthy women.

The main concerns are that doctors are giving women pitocin to induce or speed up perfectly normal pregnancies and labors for the sake of convenience, and not educating women on the risks of pitocin. I don't know the main risks ff the top of my head, but the one that bothers me is that it often makes labor go much faster than normal, which is often more painful than normal and puts more stress on the fetus than a natural labor. It also often begins a cascade of more and more invasive interventions that can lead to a cesarean when the whole drug cocktail falls apart or becomes too much to bear, and women ask for a section.

Obviously, it doesn't always cause so much trouble, but when a country's cesarean rate reaches 30% like ours, it's obvious something is causing the problem, and Pit gets a lot of the blame.
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For those of you that have had an induction, what can I expect? I am scheduled for one next Tuesday. I have to go in to the hospital the night before. I dont really know what to expect. 

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