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J&Js: exciting!

I just had my first cervical check and it's still waay back there (NP could barely reach it!) and fully closed. greensad.gif but I didn't expect much more at 37wks.
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Originally Posted by wrenmoon View Post

Yay for labor- nay for fainting. I hope it's a steady early labor rainbow, not too fast, not too slow.

So many of us have something going on! So exciting! If I could find the little smiley face throwing happiness I would put about ten of those at the end of this post.

that's what I'm hoping for too, just a steady progressive labour. The fainting was most likely a combo of waaayy too hot yesterday+a little dehydrated+lying on my back for too long during the appointment and crushing my vena cava. The plus side was that I was instructed to go straight home and Chris did all my freezer meal cooking yesterday after he came home from work. I kinda love that guy 

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Cinderella - I hope this is it!


J&J - I hope your induction is going well, and that you'll soon be holding a baby!!!


I went in for my appointment today (40w3d)... The biophysical profile went well. Placenta looks good. He looks good. Fluid looks good. He scored an 8 out 8. She estimates his size to be 8lb 14oz, and the midwife said that feels about right (from her feeling my belly). I could've sworn he'd be another double digit weight baby. LOL! Not bad news, just surprising news. I mean, I know that the later the ultrasound, the more inaccurate it becomes, but it would have to be 2 1/2 pounds off for him to be the size of my last son. lol

She asked if I wanted my membranes swept, and I said yes (providing I was dilated enough). I was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced, and after the sweep, I'm about 4cm dilated. Baby is at -3 station (still a little high up... normal for me as a 4th time mom). She said she doesn't expect me to last the week, but she went ahead and scheduled my next appointment for Tuesday with another biophysical profile.

I'm cramping and bleeding a little, so I hope that this means things are starting.

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Thank you Eilis! hug.gif I hope I do right by my child (soon to be children) and it's so nice to hear someone think so. I'm a little worried going from one to two but things will sort themselves out somehow, I hope!

Cinderella, j and j, and ruheling I hope all three of you get to meet your babes soon! I went to 41 weeks with my first and the last couple of weeks were SO hard!! I honestly feel that way already (37-5) but I blame a July due date while chasing a 2 year old lol.
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Also lots of labour vibes to you rainbownurse and jefinner! Come on babies!!!!!!
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6 8 oz 18 3/4 long born at 2:19 3 pushes only. No name yet, waiting to see how facial swelling goes down. He is in nicu for resp issues and not happy about it but he clearly was not ok. Poor baby cried for 2 hours.
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Congratulations, j and j! Hopefully the NICU stay will be short and you can take your sweet baby boy home soon! He's beautiful and looks like nursing is well in hand joy.gif
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Aww, J&J, I'm so glad he's here and hope his NICU stay is short lived!! So sweet ❤
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Congratulations!!! I hope he is back in your arms soon, but at least you got established well with breastfeeding! That's a major consolation. 

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He is BEAUTIFUL J&J!!  Good thoughts and prayers he recovers quickly.




Contractions started about 6 hours ago...  Just started noticing some random ones, then about every 15 minutes...  They continued to progress to about 8-10 while shopping today.  On our way home they were a steady 6m apart.  Since I've been home they've progressed to 4-6 minutes apart, lasting 35-50 seconds.   Only issue is that they are *NOT* intense and painful....  Uncomfortable?  Yes.  Tight?  Yes.  But 'painful'... Not really....  The only thing I have to compare to is fast and furious pitocin contractions though as I've had 2 pitocin inductions....  NEVER spontaneous labor or labor contractions without pit... I feel lost....

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Can hubby check your cervix again?
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He's at work til midnight EST - so about 3.5-4 hours from now.

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J&J what a cutie, sounds like a smooth birth, and hopefully a quick transition to breathing well on his own and heading home with you soon.

Cinderella- maybe you're just a badass and have a naturally high pain tolerance when your labor is not augmented? I vote for a hubby check too!
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Congrats JandJ.

Cinderella, I had regular strong BH similarly close together for many hours before "real" labor kicked in this time. So, I'd lean towards waiting for stronger intensity personally. But, once DH is home I'd have him check unless things have already picked up a lot.

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I def don't want to rush off for sure... I just worry about having already been 4cm and being 2 hours from the hospital.

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I have been having what I think are contraction on and off all day. Its not the cramping like braxton hicks, it more at the top of my belly and it kind of takes my breath away. I dont know if that is what contractions feel like... Also, lots of pressure between my legs when I walk. The I am sore after working out. Maybe this is it :) 

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I can definitely understand your trepidation. Maybe call your OB and explain what's going on?

J&J, congrats on that sweet boy. I hope he's back with you, super happy and healthy soon.
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I like the sound of not painful. I wouldn't know a contraction, guess i exoeect pain. Lately just little heavyness maybe on cervix for me. I hope i am.not dehydated, i better make up for it with all.my insomnia. Afraid to tell midwife of my extreme insomnia though. It must be confusing trying to figure out what to.do &when, or maybe its more obvious when.it happens. Must go to bed.
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Hi July Mamas! Just jumping in here to share our Babywearing Photo Contest. Check it out!  thumb.gif

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Jesse David is here. Labor started around 5am. We left for the hospital at 9am. I had my water broken around 11am, and he arrived at 2:41pm. I had some PP hemorrhaging, but I seem to be doing well. Jesse was 9lb 10oz, and is a champion nurser. I will share pics, soon.
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