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I think the head is pretty low. When i reach in, my cervix feels much higher than pre-pregnancy when i was tracking all the signs suggested in TCOYF, but i can definitely feel Baby's head through my cervix. Honestly I can't remember what station my MW said. At my appt next week she mentioned putting in a _____ catheter? If I want? Any opinions on that? I really am so excited to meet my baby! But if she's happy in there then I guess I just have to wait.


Probably meant a bulb or foley catheter. They showed us one at our birthing class, and it's something I'd consider if I was 40wks and trying to jump-start things. Basically, they put this rubber tube into your cervix with a bulb at the end and then inflate it by hand (not sure how much though.... 1-2cm probably?). Then, at least at the BC we were taking the class at, they send you home with the catheter still inside you. The hope is that it will trigger more expanding and fall out in short order, indicating you've dilated past what they artificially stretched. 

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Thinking of all you mamas still waiting on the train.
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Well had MW sweep yesterday. Lost some mucus plug & Now having regular contractions!!! Yay! Vacuumed carpet. Mopping floors! Ready to birth this baby hopefully today!
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Go monkey pants go!
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monkey pants smile.gif yay!
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Yup! Things are defiantly getting more intense! MW came and swept membranes again it was much more stretchy. So happy today is the day!
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Yay monkey pants! I'm a lil jealous in a totally happy for you way hug.gif
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YAY!!! I am so happy for you Monkey pants! FUNNY labor story involving a monkey IN pants:


My OB and I were chatting about when to call and what to do when in labor, blah blah blah, and then he suddenly lit up and says "And don't wear pants!" with a laugh. Apparently, one of the nurses that works for him was wearing pants on her way in and had unexpectedly rapid labor! The baby was crowning and coming out into her pant leg!! I didn't ask WHERE all this fun took place, but apparently the baby's head was fully out by the time they got them off of her!!! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Go monkey pants!
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Lol Cynthiamoon! Good thing it's way too bloody hot around here for pants!
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Cynthiamoon you just made me laugh out loud for real! Funny! I think I was looking at my daughters monkey pants pjs when I came up with that name. Still contracting away'! It's so nice to be at home and not worrying about when to rush to hospital. Yay!
Skycheattraffic your day will come! Hugs.
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Yay positive thoughts your way Monkey Pants!

39w3d and feeling achy. I can't tell if it has to do with the pregnancy or the fact that I mildly hyper extended something in my groin a few days ago.
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Up at 4am with what I thought was routine hip midnight hip pain. After taking Tylenol and trying to get back to sleep I am noticing a loose pattern of crampy contractions. About to start timing them since it's been almost an hour.
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Hmmm... 4-7 mins apart but mild enough that I lost track as I was reading an interesting article, lol. Doesn't sound promising!
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Darn, Cynthia. I hoped you'd see something out of it.
All I got is twinges and a little pain in my pelvic floor.
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I was bummed, but expecting it after seeing everyone else's starts and stops. I am just excited to have noticeable contractions since my previous ones have all been dubious and barely noticeable.

The only problem is that I woke up enough to get super hungry and so now I am having breakfast at 6am, and then hopefully getting back to sleep soon.
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I have been RAVENOUS these past two weeks. 

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I've gotten into a habit the last few weeks of waking g up starving at 6 am, eating breakfast, and going back to sleep till 11am!! Good luck today ladies.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that's doing that Chipi. 

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Ok the stage is set: DH is out of town watching a ball game (his one and only this season), it's a dark and stormy night and I've just pigged out on pizza. I've been having irregular contractions for about 4 hours, some barely noticeable and some mildly painful. My mom came over to help with lil miss and if need be, I'm driving myself to the hospital where DH will meet me. Come on baby!
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