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I didn't find the ball that helpful during labor. It was only nice during early labor and if I were to go to a hospital, I would have waited until I was further along. I think it's meant for comfort and helping the baby get into a good position. 

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Headed to my birthing center...contractions every 4-5 mins since lunchtime, and have gotton pretty painful. I so hope it doesn't peter out!
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Yay!!! That's super exciting!
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Sounds promising, good luck! smile.gif
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Gibbysrose, that sounds exciting! I hope you'll hold your sweet babe soon!
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Go gibbys!
Never done the ball but there is no way that I could have sat on a ball towards the end of labor, no way. If u can stand in a shower with hot water on your back that is great-the jacuzzi and hot water were slowing contractions down so I was only in there an hour. Just things to think about...
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I feel like I've been "warming up" for labour for so long now, I have no idea when to call my midwife

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Woo hoo, we had her!
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Congrats, Gibbysrose!!! Wonderful news!!
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Yay!! Can't wait to hear your story!

I had another hour or so of mild but not painless contractions last night. Tried timing them from the beginning this time but they were so erratic it was just annoying me to try and monitor it. Decided to try and sleep instead, and though a few ones woke me up after that, sleep won out in the end.
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Congrats Gibbysrose!


I was hoping the full moon would put more mom's into labour. I had a lot of contractions but thats been going on for weeks.


Tomorrow is the day. I still don't know what time my c-section is scheduled for  but will find out later. I have a lot of nervous/anxious energy but a lot of things to do on my list for today to keep busy.

Yesterday at my ultrasound everything looked good. They are saying my baby girl weighs 8 lbs 4 ozs , give or take a pound. We shall see.

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Exciting, Mavis! You have an end in sight! I wish you the best for a safe birth and a strong, healthy baby.
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Ok, the royal baby has arrived! Yay! MY TURN!!!!! Lol
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Thank you skycheattraffic !


I hope it's your turn soon! Sending good thoughts your way.

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Ladies, would appreciate your good vibes today. Was diagnosed with cholestasis this am and am headed to the hospital now for an induction. Not what I had planned but want to get this baby out safely. Still processing it and trying to get in the right head space. Thanks
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Lots of love and thoughts of strength and vitality your way, Harmonious! Induction may not be what you would have chosen but hopefully it will proceed well for you and you will have your sweet baby to cuddle soon. Big hugs!
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Harmonious, all the positive thoughts your way. I am just healing from a 3 day labour followed by an emergency c section and I am really having a hard time processing all of it. I can really empathize with sudden news that is hard to prepare for mentally and physically. Best of luck to you.
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Today, I completed 40 weeks of pregnancy. 


I feel like renting an airplane to write it across the sky.

Buying myself a gold medal, and wearing it forever.

Writing a paper about it, and then giving myself a gold star and an A plus.

Building a shrine to it.

Designing a building in honor of it, and then living in that building forever.


I may be incredibly miserable physically, but if I could, I would be jumping for joy every second. 


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Woohoo, Resque! Way to go!! Rah rah rah!!! Are you ready to move on and meet your sweet babe or would you be happy waiting a few more days?
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All you mamas still waiting, I'm totally rooting for you every day. For patience, for good labors and healthy babies, for the peaceful entrances of your babies.

Stalking this thread for news. Every day. Hang in there, you're all so close.
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